New Sermon Series: Dad

30 05 2013

59This weekend we are starting a new sermon series at Element Church called “Dad”.  And while yes, this series will run through the month where Father’s Day lies, we are not going to be talking about earthly dad’s at all.  What we WILL be talking about is the Dad we have in Heaven.  God, who is also called our “Father”.

Whether you had a good dad or a bad one, a present dad or an absent one, all of us have shaped our view of a “father” by what we’ve experienced in our own lives. What we all need is a right view of our Heavenly Father. What kind of dad is He?

If you know someone that needs to get a better understanding of what kind of dad God is, make sure and invite them to this series.  You can find directions and service time information to both of our campuses HERE.

Memorial: New Sermon Series

16 05 2013

56 This Sunday we are starting a new sermon series called “Memorial”.  It’s a short, 2 week series that will take us through Memorial Day Weekend.  A memorial is something established to remind people of a person or event.  It is intended to commemorate someone or something: “They set up a memorial to remember ALL that had been done for them and WHO it was that did it.”

So we are going to talk about MEMORIALS in our life spiritually.  I’ve told our congregation ahead of time that I’m talking about giving this coming Sunday.  If you want to read ahead, read Genesis 28:10-21.

This Sunday I’m going to be sharing from my heart about what God’s taught me on giving to Him through His church.  I’m sharing something this week that I JUST learned in the last few months about giving.  It was a HUGE revelation in my heart and it inspired this whole mini series.

I believe in our church.  I believe that even though you KNOW I’m teaching on money and giving, you are going to come expecting God to speak to you!  I love YOU and I love our CHURCH and I want us to having LIVING memorials in our lives toward God.  Are you ready?

I’m ready,


Easter At Element Church

26 03 2013

52This weekend is EASTER and we are starting a brand new series at Element Church called, “The Power of One.”  All too often we underestimate the POWER OF ONE! ONE choice!  ONE day! ONE church! ONE life! ONE gift! Whatever it is, ONE seems like it truly is the loneliest number. But what if ONE were the most POWERFUL number? Together in this series we’re going to experience the POWER OF ONE!  I am SO excited for this series.  I’m trusting that God is going to do some AMAZING things!

This weekend we are adding a Saturday service at our Cheyenne Campus JUST for Easter.  That service will be 6 PM on Saturday evening.  We are also having our regular service times on Sunday of 9 // 11 AM  & 6 PM (Cheyenne Campus) & 5:00 // 6:30 PM (Wheatland Campus).

The Best Sex EVER!!

7 02 2013

Thought that might get your attention.  The BEST love, leads to the BEST marriages & the BEST marriages lead to the BEST sex!  Yep, the BEST SEX EVER!!  That’s what we’re talking about in our new sermon series starting Sunday, February 17th and I CAN’T WAIT!!  Someone might ask, “Why are we talking about sex…the BEST sex, in church?”  So here is my answer.

Well, the Bible is NOT silent on these subjects so neither will we be!  We hear about sex EVERYWHERE else, but we’re not hearing about the BEST that God has for us.  To be honest, I’m SICK of the world’s way.  I’m SICK of seeing the common way win and lead to destruction.  I’m SICK of seeing sexual sin, or the LACK of sexual intimacy destroy marriages.  I’m SICK of seeing the church settle for anything LESS than God’s BEST for our lives.  So we’re going to talk about it!  We’re going to deal with it.  And I PRAY that we will begin to experience it in our lives.

I truly believe, God’s desire is for EACH of us to have the BEST love, in the BEST marriages, having the BEST sex of our lives and that can ONLY happen when they are done HIS way!  Read Proverbs 5:18-19.  Sounds like God wants us to have the BEST sex to me!  He invented it.  He created it.  He GIFTED it to us…to be enjoyed in the bonds of marriage between ONE man and ONE woman!  So, what do you say?  Let’s talk about it…EVEN in church…no, ESPECIALLY in church!

SEX, Marriage, Love

31 01 2013

48To say I am EXCITED for this next sermon series would be an understatement.  I CANNOT WAIT for February 17th, and the start of our new series “Sex, Marriage, Love,” so I thought I’d start talking about it now.

Meet someone, have sex, hopefully we’ll be in love and MAYBE someday we’ll get married…IF they are the ONE!  That’s kind of the pattern today, but is it the BEST one?  We want to set you up with the BEST love, in the BEST marriage, having the BEST sex of your life.  Yep, the BEST SEX EVER!!!

That’s what this series is going to be about and we are going to pull no punches in dealing with these issues head on!  God’s Word is CLEAR on these issues, and He wants us to experience them in the BEST possible way.  So we’re gonna talk about God’s BEST in our love, marriage and sex.  MAN I can’t wait.  This is going to be a GREAT series to invite someone who doesn’t normally go to church.  Use the video below as an invite if you like.

New Sermon Series: 20/20

16 01 2013

46 Hey Element Church.  This Sunday we are starting a new sermon series called “20/20″ and we’ll be talking about our perspective.  In this series, we’ll be walking through the book of Philippians in the Bible and gaining a fresh perspective on our life, faith, future & our circumstances.  The Apostle Paul gives us some GREAT insight in Philippians on the way we view things.  I truly believe that our lives can be DRASTICALLY different if we have the right perspective.  Perspective changes everything.

Element Church in Cheyenne:  9:00 // 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM

Element Church in Wheatland:  5:00 & 6:30 PM

Visit for more information & directions.

New Sermon Series: Puzzled

3 01 2013

45This Sunday at Element Church we are starting a new sermon series called “Puzzled.”  Sometimes it’s awfully hard to know where WE fit in as a church and where I fit in TO the church. God has designed each church and every individual uniquely, to fulfill a GOD SIZED purpose. In “Puzzled” we’re going to discover exactly where we all fit in. It’s time to BELONG!

Cheyenne Campus:  9:00 // 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM @ 600 E. Carlson

Wheatland Campus:  5:00 & 6:30 PM @ Fire Training Center  761 E. Cole St.

Kid appropriate ministry for ages infant through fifth grade every service.

Visit for more info.

Christmas Services At Element Church

19 12 2012

Hey everybody.  Just wanted to take some time to remind AND invite you to Element Church for our Christmas Services.  We have FIVE opportunities to come and celebrate Christmas with your family and we are planning some REALLY cool and VERY fun stuff this year as we celebrate the LIFE of Jesus.  On Sunday the 23rd, service times are 9:00 // 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM.  On Monday the 24th, they are 4:00 & 6:00 PM.  (Children’s services & child care for ages infant through 5th grade are provided every service) All five services are EXACTLY the same, so no matter what service you attend, you will get the same experience.  We’re going to be talking about a “gift the world CANNOT give” and looking at Jesus as our Prince of Peace!  Hope to see you there.  Use the video or this blog to invite someone with you.

New Sermon Series: XMas

30 11 2012

This Sunday at Element Church we are starting a new sermon series called Xmas.  Instead of getting focused on putting “Christ” back in “Christmas,” what if we were focused on getting CHRIST in our LIVES?  Christmas is just a word, but Jesus is everything. So this year we’re leaving the X in Christmas and putting Christ back in our lives.

Element Church service times:  Sundays at 8:30 – 10:00 – 11:30 AM & 6:00 PM

Kid appropriate ministries for ages infant through 5th grade.

Element Church is located at 600 E. Carlson in Cheyenne, WY.

Sunday Ruminations (11-4-12)

5 11 2012

What a GREAT, GREAT day here at Element Church today.  Such an awesome sense of God’s presence the entire day.  Pastor Kody leaned over to me during 2nd service worship and said “THIS is why we do what we do.”  Not sure if anyone else felt the same way, but talking with several staff members, for us, it was SO good!

—  13 people acknowledged to us they accepted Christ as Savior and experienced LIFE in Him.  WOO HOO!  If only for the ONE!

—  Keep bringing people, Element Church, we’ll keep presenting the Gospel.  NOTHING like seeing people experience LIFE in Christ.

—  CONSTRUCTION BEGINS MONDAY!  That’s right!  Construction on our remodel begins Monday, Nov. 5th.  They are starting on replacing the roof.  It is MUCH needed and needs to be done before we put things UNDER the roof.  It’s a start to construction that isn’t as visible as the next phases but MAN, am I excited that the work is beginning.

—  We announced the latest update on what was given and committed to Momentum today.  Not gonna put on the blog, but God is SO good.  Thank you for your generosity.  You can still commit AND give to Momentum through November 11th.  If you want to give online, go HERE!  You can pick up commitment cards on Sunday or in the office.

—  SO thankful to each person who took Momentum to heart, sought God on what to give, and are now following through.  I am praying for you guys EVERY DAY!  That it would be a JOY to give, and that God would BLESS your obedience.

—  We did a song today called, “Jesus Be The Center” that was SO good!  The team did a phenominal job of leading us in worship today.  Like I said, the presence of God was SO real and SO strong today.  During that song we cut out all the lights except for a cross that was lit in the center of the stage.  “From our hearts to the heavens Jesus be the center!”

—  It’s not Jesus BE the center, but Jesus IS the center.  Whether you WANT Him to be or not…HE IS!

—  I had a BLAST today starting our new sermon series called, “Jesus For President!”  After 1st service, as I was praying in my office, I was thanking God for letting us have FUN in church!  Asked the question, “Why Jesus for president?” and preached from 4 different Scriptures. Matthew 16:21-23; Matthew 26:50b-54; Luke 22:54-62 & Luke 24:33-34.  Here are some excerpts from the day:

  • Jesus is not for a political party, Jesus is for a person’s HEART!
  • Politics can only create policies that are meant to CONTROL the world, only the Gospel of Jesus has the power to CHANGE the world.
  • Your candidate is NOT the answer, JESUS is the answer.
  • No matter WHO wins the election on Tuesday, God is STILL God, He’s STILL on the throne, He STILL reigns supreme and there is NO other hope in our life but HIM!  We as Christians need to react that way.
  • No matter who the president is, God can accomplish His plan, fulfill His purpose and use His people to do so.  It’s all a matter of how we will respond.
  • We SHOULD vote.  We SHOULD pray for the elections AND pray for those who are elected.  But for goodness sake, lets put our hope in ANOTHER kingdom besides this one.  That is the focus of this series.
  • (I spoke my peace about the election and politics this week.  I am not talking politics the REST of the series)
  • God’s plan is bigger than my perspective and His purpose is greater than my passion.  We think too small.
  • We think one step ahead, God is thinking CENTURIES ahead.
  • How many times in our lives have we thought Jesus was MESSING everything up, when in reality He was SETTING everything up?
  • Jesus was trying to save our SOULS and Peter was trying to save a SEAT in a kingdom that would never exist.
  • God’s plan is bigger than my problems and His purpose is greater than my protection.
  • Ultimately, God’s plan is not to protect all of us.  His plan is to make His purpose known through us.
  • Instead of asking God WHY we have problems, what if we asked Him, “What’s your purpose in this problem?  How can my problem further your plan?”
  • We’ve gotta stop telling God how big our problems are and start telling our problems how big our GOD is.
  • God’s plan is bigger than my past and His purpose is greater than my pride.
  • While Peter was STUCK in his sin, Jesus SOUGHT Him out.  While Peter was trying to AVOID Jesus, Jesus INVADED his life.
  • All we seem to remember is Jesus looking at us WHEN we sinned.  It’s time to look at Jesus AS our Savior.
  • JESUS LOVES YOU!  Let that sink in.

—  This message was SO comforting for me as I prepared for it.  SO real to my heart.  I hope and pray that it impacted you in the way that YOU needed it today!

—  Justin Bieber, Tim Tebow and THE ROCK may be showing up on the platform with me this Sunday.  Now you can’t miss that.

—  I believe God’s gonna do HUGE things in this series.  So excited to see what happens.  THEN we are into our Christmas series.  CANNOT BELIEVE we are on the doorstep of CHRISTMAS!!

—  And we have some HUGE stuff planned for that series.  The next 2 months are going to be AWESOME!

—  That’s all I got today!  LOVE seeing people experience LIFE.  Thank you Element for being a GREAT group of people to lead.  I love you guys.

Till the end,



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