Tearing Down The Walls

14 05 2013

58Hey Element Church!  The first step in building NEW walls is TEARING DOWN THE OLD ONES, and we need your help with that.  This Friday, we are starting demolition on our facility.  There is TONS & TONS (literally) of demolition to be done.  Walls, floors, ceiling tiles, ceiling grid, carpet, cats…Ok, just seeing if you’re paying attention.

We are doing ALL the demo on our own which is a HUGE cost savings.  This is not a 2 or 3 person job, this is a 200 – 300 person job.  (If we want to get it done in time)  There are three, three hour time slots each day starting May 17th – May 25th (excluding Sundays).

If you are 18 or older, we’d love to have you come help us tear down the walls.  Construction cannot begin until all the demolition is done.  SO, if you can give ANY time over the next couple weeks, come join the party.

Ready to destroy something,


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