Sunday Ruminations (3-24-31)

25 03 2013

GREAT close to a GREAT series today at Element Church.  It was a packed house at the Cheyenne Campus.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  I closed the service asking for people to raise their hands if through this sermon/series God raised any issues to the top that need to be dealt with concerning Sex, Marriage or Relationships.  WOW!!  TONS of hands went up.  Praying for God’s mercy, grace, forgiveness, healing and restoration to abound in you.

—  I’ve talked to SO MANY people who have been challenged through this series.  Past stuff.  Present stuff.  God has been working in peoples lives.

—  The answer for our sin.  The answer for broken marriages.  The answer for our hurt, pain and failures is JESUS!  SEEK HIM!

—  I’m expecting quite a few baby dedications around January of next year as a result of today’s message.  HA!!

—  Met a TON of new people today in the Living Room.  Quite a Sunday to make your first, but everyone had great things to say.

—  We concluded “Sex, Marriage, Love” today by asking the question, “What is the plan for intimacy?”  Preached from Proverbs 5:18-23.  It’s seemed to be a great series for people.  Here are some excerpts from today:

  • Even when we say the word “intimacy,” as men and women we’re SO different that we can’t agree on what intimacy is.
  • Guys, intimacy is SO MUCH MORE than sex.  Ladies, sex is a necessary part of true intimacy in marriage.
  • The BEST sex is a natural result of TRUE intimacy.
  • If you want to have a thriving marriage after 65 years, you don’t want one that just had great sex, you want one with true intimacy.
  • Purity, connected with true intimacy, results in an excellent marriage expressing itself in an exhilarating sex life.
  • Your spouse being a blessing for you has nothing to do with what they DO for you, and everything to do with what you DECIDE.  They can either be a blessing or a burden; THAT, my friend is up to you.
  • The way you SEE your marriage is the way you’ll SEEK your marriage.
  • Your spouse will become a blessing for you as you continually choose to be a blessing to them.  What you bless becomes a blessing.
  • If the focus of my marriage is on sex, or ANYTHING I GET out of the relationship, my desire is not intimacy but pleasure.
  • I want to treat my wife in such a way that the ONLY thing that would ever cause her to look for intimacy elsewhere would be my DEATH.  And even then, I hope I raised the bar so high that she would struggle to find anyone that could match my level of love for her.
  • As much as sexual immorality can break apart a marriage, so can sexual intimacy build a marriage up.
  • Everybody’s ok when the pastor talks about sexual immorality, why aren’t we preaching about sexual intimacy?
  • In marriage, God has given us our bodies to ENJOY!  A couple (who is able) who chooses not to express their intimacy through regular sex is not being a good steward of the body God has given them.
  • Sex is a stewardship issue and a spiritual issue as much as it is a physical one.
  • Wives, you need to understand this:  If your husband is not getting his sexual needs met in you, he has no other legitimate option.  Everything else is SIN.
  • Sex in an intimate marriage, is an act of worship to God.  When you have sex, you are renewing the covenant you made between each other and God.

—  I know we had some fun today and laughed at a lot of stuff but this is a SERIOUS issue in marriages.  As I said in the sermon, more than 20% of married couples are living in a SEXLESS marriage.  (Less than 10 times per year)  That’s heartbreaking to me.  It’s a sign of intimacy issues, not just sexual issues.

—  We closed the service with THE MOST POWERFUL testimony I’ve ever heard in marriage.  In my opinion, the WORST of infidelity was met with the BEST of God’s grace.  It is proof that there IS no sin God won’t forgive and there IS no marriage He cannot restore.  Unbelievable.  Thanks Buddy and Karen for boldly sharing your story.

—  Don’t forget the extra service time this Easter Weekend.  We are having a Saturday service at 6 PM, as well as our normal Sunday services.  If you are a regular attender we’d love to see you on Saturday night OR Sunday evening.  This will help leave the most seats available for new people on Sunday morning.

—  Today we made public the news that Pastor Adam is resigning as our worship pastor and following God’s call into something new.  We initially made the announcement at the Night of Worship.  A month ago, God confirmed what He’d been working in Adam’s heart through something I said.  I don’t need to re-tell what I’ve told in person.  I have a peace about it as does Adam.  That is confirmation for me.  Adam has been THE BEST worship leader this church could of had the last six years.  MUCH of the credit for how Element Church looks, sounds and feels is due to Adam.  He is an amazingly gifted leader and I am SO PROUD to call him a friend.  Can’t wait to see what God does through him.  Thank you Adam for obediently following God’s call TO Element Church and obediently following His call AWAY!!  That’s all I could ask for…your obedience. It truly is our success!  Love ya bro.

—  We have already been in the search for a new worship pastor.  I believe God has the RIGHT person out there and we are going to do our best to make the right decision.  Prayers appreciated for us as we seek Him for that direction.

—  New series called, “The Power of One” starts this weekend.  Gonna be a blast!  Don’t forget to check out the serving opportunities coming up for the power of ONE DAY.  We are going to get out and serve our community on one day…Saturday, April 27th.  There are four serving opportunities for a LOT of people.  They are service projects for the Comea Shelter and for our cities.  Check it out HERE!

—  Alright church, that’s about it.  I love you guys!  See you this weekend.

Till the end,





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