Sunday Ruminations (3-17-13)

18 03 2013

WOW!! Today was a HEAVY day.  I felt it all week long leading up to today, just the weightiness of what we were talking about.  Praying that people found HOPE and FREEDOM in Jesus.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  Had NO idea coming into the service how I was going to close.  Had no direction at all from God.  By the time the sermon was over I just felt like people needed to hear GOD LOVES YOU!  I didn’t do a response, just didn’t feel right.  Prayed over the congregation some words of love and grace.

—  We showed one of the most POWERFUL testimonies I’ve ever seen today.  SUCH a picture of God’s faithfulness, power, healing, hope and forgiveness.  It was the story of a couple who had the destruction of DEEP pornography addiction tear through their marriage.  God not only forgave and set the husband FREE, but the wife remained in the relationship and God is bringing healing.  SO good!

—  It took a LOT of courage for that couple to share their story.  THANK YOU for letting God speak through you!

—  There is NO marriage so broken God cannot bring healing.  NONE!

—  Talked about the Remedy recovery ministry today.  If you are struggling with sexual addition, Remedy is starting a group this Thursday at 6:30 PM at our Cheyenne Campus, that is directly focused on sexual addiction and finding freedom in Christ.  I meant what I said in the sermon…If you are afraid to go by yourself, let our office know that you’re coming and I’ll meet you out front at 6:15 and go WITH you to the group.  I believe in you.  God believes in you.  More than ANYTHING I believe in a God who SETS PEOPLE FREE!!

—  It was SO GOOD to be back in the pulpit today.  The two Sundays not preaching was refreshing, as it should be, but I’m ALWAYS ready to get back to preaching.

—  I preached so hard today I worked up a SWEAT!!

—  Asked the question today, “What is the plan for purity?” and preached from Proverbs 5:1-17.  (If you want to read ahead for next week, read verses 18-23 of Proverbs 5).  It got quiet A LOT today!  Believe God was speaking to hearts.  Here are some excerpts from the sermon:

  • Have a plan, but understand; a plan alone cannot make you pure.  Without the power of God it is pointless.
  • Purity does NOT mean prude.  When purity is brought into a marriage, where there is real intimacy it can create an EXHILARATING sex life.
  • Sex feels good because God created it, but He didn’t create it for a feeling He created it to be FULFILLING!
  • God’s boundaries aren’t meant to limit us but to LIBERATE us.  He doesn’t want our pleasure to be limited but to be LIMITLESS!!
  • God designed sex to be fulfilling…so what does the devil do?  He twists it into a feeling that eventually makes us fall.
  • There are times we should stop reading God’s Word to look for the law and start reading it to be reminded of His love.  (This concept could be a GAME CHANGER for someone when it comes to sexual purity)
  • The Bible is so much more about love than it is about law.
  • Yes, there is law in the Bible.  Yes, as a Christian there is a standard we are called to live by.  Yes, there are things God does want us to do or doesn’t want us to do.  But if we read the Bible with that as the focus we’re missing the point.  The point of the Bible is JESUS and His love for us!!
  • When someone asks, “How far is too far?” when it comes to sexual boundaries, what their really saying is, “How close to all the way can we go and still be ok?”
  • The greatest way to stay far away from temptation is to fix your eyes on Jesus.  Follow Jesus.  Pursue Jesus.  Focus on Jesus.  Jesus will never take us close to the “line” of sexual sin.
  • To follow Jesus you have to turn your back on sexual sin.  To fall into sexual sin you have to turn your back on Jesus.
  • I talked about the 3 most common questions about sex I get as a pastor.  “What’s the big deal with pornography?”  “Is masturbation a sin?”  & “Is it wrong to live together before you’re married?”  Got REALLY quiet during all those answers.
  • We need to stop asking the question, “Is it wrong?” and start asking, “Is it wise?”  Is it wrong is an edge question. (Trying to get as close to sin as we can)  Is it wise is a JESUS question.  (Staying as far away from the line as we can)
  • Living together is not a trial for marriage it is training for divorce.

—  SO thankful for a church that is open to hearing the DIFFICULT stuff and not just the fluffy stuff.  Didn’t pull any punches today.

—  Next week we’re talking about a plan for intimacy in marriage.  IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!

—  Easter is TWO SUNDAYS AWAY!!! We’re starting a new series that week called, “The Power of ONE.”  SO excited for this series.  Got some cool stuff planned and I LOVE where God is taking it for the sermons.  Gonna be talking about things like the power of one choice, once day, one invitation, one gift, and others.  Gonna be GREAT!! Invite someone to come to Easter services.

—  Don’t forget, we are having a Saturday evening 6 PM service Easter weekend.  If you call Element Church home we’d love to see you at the Saturday evening or Sunday evening services to make more room for people in our prime services.

—  This Tuesday, March 19th at 7 PM is our Night of Worship.  I am SO EXCITED for this.  Expecting a FULL HOUSE and we are gonna worship at FULL VOLUME!!  (FYI, we are NOT able to offer childcare for this but children ARE welcome to attend)

—  Worship auditions are coming up on April 11th @ 6:30 PM.  If you are interested you can download an info packet HERE or stop by guest services on Sunday.

—  That’s gonna be it.  GREAT day!  Praying God continues to speak to hearts.  GOD LOVES YOU and is NOT done pursuing you!!

Till the end,





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