Sunday Ruminations (2-10-13)

11 02 2013

FIRED UP I think would be the phrase for the day!  If you were in church, I think you know what I’m talking about.  Here are my ruminations from the day.

—  Joe Sangl was here to share with us this weekend.  Joe leads both I Was Broke Now I’m Not, and Injoy Stewardship Solutions.  He is the author of a number of books and THE BEST communicator on winning with money GOD’S way that I have ever been privileged to hear.  Joe absolutely NAILED it again in his message.  HUGE thank you to Joe for sharing his wisdom with us.

—  Don’t forget, Joe is also here with us TONIGHT in Cheyenne to teach the Financial Learning Experience (FLE).  We are also offering the FLE at the Wheatland campus tonight and Tuesday.  You can check out the information HERE.  The event is FREE and childcare is provided.  This is a GREAT opportunity to expand your knowledge on managing your money REGARDLESS of where you find yourself financially.  DON’T MISS IT!!

—  Element, I hope you know how blessed we are to have Pastor Adam as our worship pastor.  God is writing our values through his music.  We sang “We Bring You Honor” again today, which is based on our core value of “Honor in all things.”  SO good!  Thanks Adam and team for leading us each week.

—  Talked with a new couple in the Living Room today and they referred to our core value of HOME and thanked us for living it out.  LOVE it!  He pointed right at the core value board and said “It’s exactly as your core value says.”

—  Remember, values are NOT just the words that we speak, they are the WAY we live born out of WHAT we believe because of WHO God is!

—  Joe helped us conclude our 20/20 series today by preaching from Philippians 4:10-17 and asked the question: “How do I prosper with a LOT of money, a LITTLE money or NO money?”  It was SO good, and it IS a matter of perspective.  Here are some of the things I picked up.

  • 1.  Learn to be content
  • If you put a number on how much is enough, it will NEVER be enough for you.  You’ll never be content with what you have.
  • Whether I have a lot or a little I know I have an anchor in Jesus!  (BOOM!  That was good)
  • The reason your desires are fully satisfied is your desires have been CHANGED by Jesus.  (Speaking of Proverbs 13:4)
  • Your desires change when you bring the way you use your money into alignment with God’s Word. (SO good)
  • 2.  Believe the truth
  • We need to change, “I can’t afford that” to “How can I afford that?”
  • If God cares about growing HIS Kingdom, don’t you think out of what HE’S given you there is enough to sow into His Kingdom?
  • More money doesn’t CHANGE who we are, it only AMPLIFIES who we are.  If you’re not generous now, you won’t be with more.
  • When God blesses us with SOME, shouldn’t we put a plan together for every dollar?
  • 3.  Live Generously
  • When you live generously it helps you live a prosperous life whether you have a lot or a little.
  • You want to live a prosperous life? Be generous with your money.
  • When we give we are MOST like our Heavenly Father, for He gave us EVERYTHING!!
  • It’s not about how much I have, it’s how I LIVE that makes me prosper.
  • (By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Joe talked about prosperity as SO MUCH MORE than financial.  God blesses us in ways that money cannot buy!!)
  • 4.  Read and apply God’s Word

—  Thanks again Joe for your GREAT words!  Thanks for listening to God and sharing what was on your heart.

—  After church I was talking with someone and said about Joe, “That dude is smokin’ what he’s sellin’!”  And He IS!  His life story of FREEDOM is so inspiring and it can happen to YOU TOO!!

—  Seriously, I can’t say it enough…GET TO THE FINANCIAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE AT YOUR CAMPUS!  It can & will CHANGE your life!!

—  SO excited for the new series starting this Sunday called, “Sex, Marriage, Love.”  We are gonna be talking candidly about the BEST love in the BEST marriages having the BEST sex of our lives!  WOO HOO!  Come on church!  BRING someone with you!  This is gonna be a FUN series.  Oh man I can’t wait!

— That’s gonna be all!  See you tonight at the FLE!  Let’s DO THIS!!




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