The Best Sex EVER!!

7 02 2013

Thought that might get your attention.  The BEST love, leads to the BEST marriages & the BEST marriages lead to the BEST sex!  Yep, the BEST SEX EVER!!  That’s what we’re talking about in our new sermon series starting Sunday, February 17th and I CAN’T WAIT!!  Someone might ask, “Why are we talking about sex…the BEST sex, in church?”  So here is my answer.

Well, the Bible is NOT silent on these subjects so neither will we be!  We hear about sex EVERYWHERE else, but we’re not hearing about the BEST that God has for us.  To be honest, I’m SICK of the world’s way.  I’m SICK of seeing the common way win and lead to destruction.  I’m SICK of seeing sexual sin, or the LACK of sexual intimacy destroy marriages.  I’m SICK of seeing the church settle for anything LESS than God’s BEST for our lives.  So we’re going to talk about it!  We’re going to deal with it.  And I PRAY that we will begin to experience it in our lives.

I truly believe, God’s desire is for EACH of us to have the BEST love, in the BEST marriages, having the BEST sex of our lives and that can ONLY happen when they are done HIS way!  Read Proverbs 5:18-19.  Sounds like God wants us to have the BEST sex to me!  He invented it.  He created it.  He GIFTED it to us…to be enjoyed in the bonds of marriage between ONE man and ONE woman!  So, what do you say?  Let’s talk about it…EVEN in church…no, ESPECIALLY in church!




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