You Need To Know Your Place!!

24 01 2013

Without PLUGGING in, you’ll never feel like you’re a PART or know that you have a PLACE.

That is true for ANY church of ANY size with ANY method.  Each of us are made to belong.  We’re made to fit in.  We are designed to have a place, and to be a part; and we do that by PLUGGING IN.

Element Church is headed into another season of Community right now.  What is community?  It’s plugging into a smaller groups of people so that you have a place, are a part of God’s work & are pursuing your growth in Jesus.  So, have you plugged in?  Why should you plug in?

Community is SO valuable to our life.  I believe that one of the reasons many people think it’s SO hard to find a church home, is because they really don’t ever plug in!  When you don’t plug in, the church will seem like it’s too big, like it’s not for you; and you’ll eventually feel like you don’t belong.

You won’t EVER find a church that you totally agree with and always enjoy everything they do.  It doesn’t exist.  No matter how much you love your church, INCLUDING Element Church, there are going to be times that you are dissapointed, you don’t agree or even get flat out angry with.  If you let those be the deciding factors of determining your church home, you’ll NEVER have one!  The key to a home is plugging in.

If you have yet to plug in to Community here at Element Church through volunteering, a group or a class, check out the opportunities HERE and HERE!  Don’t let another season go by without plugging in.  Check out the video below on the importance of Community to one Element Church family.

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