Gay Marriage, Gun Control and JESUS!

23 01 2013

BanLegislation will never change the human heart, ONLY the love of Jesus can do that!

Whatever side of the theological or political fence you find yourself on, the above statement is ABUNDANTLY true.  As I’ve sat and watched the gun control and gay marriage debates escalate into frenzied proportions, I have noticed one common denominator.  When you boil them both down to the crux of the issues; whether it is gun control or gay marriage bans, the proponents for both are trying to legislate morality.

For those who tend to be on the right politically or in Evangelical circles theologically, the issue with gay marriage is by in large a MORAL one.  According to the Scripture, homosexuality is a sin (which by the way is listed in the SAME sentences & context with the sins of being greedy, jealous, quarreling, gossip, disobeying parents & MANY more: 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:24-32).

I fully believe that the support of gay marriage “bans” has NOTHING to do with the mistreatment of, dislike of or hatred for people who are gay.  I believe, overall, the hearts of those who support gay marriage bans are trying to uphold a level of morality they believe in.  They believe homosexuality is a sin, so they desire to see the recognizing of gay marriage to cease.

Conversely, I truly believe that those who support any level of gun “bans” are doing so out of a moral basis.  Whether there is a Christian understanding of that morality behind it, the driving force behind banning guns, is not a political ideology as much as it is a moral interest.

Overall, those who support gun bans, I believe, want to STOP the needless massacres that occur in our society.  Whether I agree with President Obama or not politically, I think morally (on the gun issue) he truly believes that what he is doing will help stop the needless violence in America.

Whether you agree with me or not, here is where BOTH of these issues collide and what we need to ultimately understand.  Banning gay marriage or banning guns will NEVER…EVER…NEVER EVER stop gay people from being in relationship or violent people from killing others.  It won’t.  YES, I believe we have a moral obligation in our democracy to vote, and to align ourselves as best we can politically with the Truth and standards of Scripture, but we MUST be fully convinced that JESUS and ONLY Jesus can change the human heart.  And our energy, effort and attention should reflect that!

Violent people are going to kill and gay people are going to be in relationship whether there are laws in place or not.  As Christians, we have got to be LASER FOCUSED on and FULLY COMMITTED to the mission of Jesus which is to SEEK and to SAVE the lost.  If we would spend half of the effort promoting a relationship with Jesus by faith as we do ranting about our political frustrations, how much more could we accomplish?

PEOPLE NEED JESUS, not a political referendum.  Legislation will never change the human heart, ONLY the love of Jesus can do that!  How about we start LIVING OUT His love, instead of LOVING TO HATE the legislation (or legislators) we don’t agree with!

Trying to stay focused,





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