9 01 2013

Our hometown of Cheyenne, WY made Money Magazine’s top 100 best places to live for 2012.  And I AGREE!  Check out what was said:

Top 100 rank: 81

Population: 60,900

Summer in Cheyenne means the return of Cheyenne Frontier Days, one of the world’s largest outdoor rodeos and the draw for an influx of tourists that boosts the local economy. While Cheyenne’s 5.4% unemployment rate is a notch higher than Wyoming’s, there’s plenty of growth on the horizon. The National Center for Atmospheric Research has a new supercomputing facility scheduled to open in October, and Microsoft is building a new data center in the area. –E.R.

Never thought I’d see Cheyenne on the top 100 best places to live, but you know what?… I AGREE!  I LOVE Cheyenne.  God’s CALLED us to Cheyenne.  This is where HE placed ME to serve HIS cause and I LOVE it!  I love the people. I love the places. I love my city!

CheyennePart of the reason I post this is because I grow tired of hearing people complain about where they live.  Specifically, CHRISTIANS complaining about Cheyenne (or whatever city they live in).  Do we always have the greatest weather? NO!  Do we have as many restaurants as Fort Collins? NO!  Is it windy more than it’s not? YES! Do we live too close to the Broncos? ABSOLUTELY!  But come on!

I wish I could make New Years Resolutions for everyone to STOP complaining about their city and start living out a CALLING to it. 

What if we did that?  What if we saw our CITY as a CALLING!  I know you may have no choice to be where you are, but GOD knew you would be there.  God has placed you EXACTLY where He wants you to be, to do JUST what He needs you to do!

Let’s see our CITIES as CALLINGS instead of a place to COMPLAIN!  I bet we’d accomplish a lot more good that way.

Who’s with me?



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