Sit and wait vs Stand and walk

5 12 2012

photoWhen it comes to prayer, there is a time to sit and wait, and there is a time to stand and walk. 

Almost every day I’m at the office I try to prayer walk around our facility.  I pray for God’s protection, for His Spirit’s presence, that He would bring the right people each week to hear the Gospel.  Each time, I stop at the back of the building and I place my hand on one particular block, and I pray over our facility.  I’m sure I’ve looked weird to several people who see me with a hand outstretched on the back of our building.

Well, the last couple days, right in front of the block where I stop and pray, this chair was sitting there.  We are in the middle of construction so we have some huge dumpsters out back and apparently when someone rents a big dumpster it signals the entire neighborhood that they can bring all their trash to your property.  I guess it was too hard for this person to throw the chair into the dumpster, so they just set it down by the wall.

Well, this last time I walked by that chair sitting right in front of where I pray, made me think:  “When it comes to prayer there is a time to sit and wait, and there is a time to stand and walk.”  And we struggle, I think, knowing when to do what.

I think sometimes we keep praying about something and God’s waiting for us to do something.  Other times we start doing something when God’s asking us to sit and wait on something.  I guess I’m writing this not to tell you what YOU’RE supposed to do.  I’m just reminding us, there is a time to WAIT and there is a time to WALK.  Which one are you in?



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