Sunday Rumination (12-2-12)

3 12 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!  Seriously!  It feels like we just did this already!  I guess I am getting old, ’cause time is going faster.  AWESOME day at Element Church today!  So proud of our team of staff and volunteers.  They are knocking it out of the park!  Here are my ruminations on the day.

— 22 people acknowledged to us they received LIFE in Christ through salvation.  WOO HOO!  If only for the ONE!

—  Each service people responded to the Gospel and became one of the FOUND!  LOVE seeing that.

—  Had several conversations with people following service about how God spoke to their lives.  So thankful that God chooses to use us.  May we NEVER take that for granted.

—  We can plan, prepare and practice all we want but if GOD doesn’t move hearts it’s all useless.  “Move peoples hearts Lord Jesus!”  That is my prayer.

photo copy—  LOVED seeing the Santa Clause and family photo opportunity taking place.  Don’t forget, we are offering FREE pictures with Santa (I even got mine with him), and FREE family portraits.  Use that as a tool even, to invite someone to church.

—  Never too early to invite someone to our Christmas Services.  This year we have FIVE opportunities.  Sunday, December 23rd at 9:00 & 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  Then Monday, December 24th at 4:00 & 6:00 pm.

—  Today we gave out invite cards attached to cookie cutters.  Challenging the church to bake some cookies for a friend, family member or co-worker and use the cookies to invite someone to Christmas services.  We also are airing a commercial on TV this whole month.  Check it out below and use it as an invite.

—  We have some FUN stuff planned for the Christmas services, and I believe a word that will resonate with every person who attends.

—  The worship team stinkin’ KILLED it today!  So good!  AND they did a special Christmas moment playing “Carol of the Bells” from nothing but Apple products.  iPads, iPad minis and iPhones.  It was awesome!  Great job guys.

— We started our Christmas series today called “XMas” and asked the question, “What kind of counselor is Jesus?”  We are using Isaiah 9:6 as a theme verse for the series and today I preached from Psalm 23.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • You can’t take Christ out of Christmas because Christmas is all about Christ!
  • Spelling Christmas correctly won’t change our culture, only Jesus in our lives will change our culture.  If “Christ” is left in “Christmas” but He’s not in peoples lives, WHAT’S THE POINT?
  • Christmas is just a word but Jesus is EVERYTHING, so instead of focusing on putting Christ in Christmas, we’re going to focus on putting Christ in our lives.
  • Sermon in a sentence:  Jesus didn’t come to fix things and make them better.  He came to fulfill things and show us a way that’s best.
  • Jesus doesn’t give us WHAT we need, Jesus IS what we need.
  • We’re good at SAYING He’s all we need, we’re not so good at SEEKING Him as all we need.
  • There is no “Jesus AND” in Christianity.  It’s only Jesus or nothing at all.
  • We’ve made the 23rd Psalm about US, but maybe it’s about US being aligned with JESUS!
  • Living right isn’t about getting into Heaven or living a life that’s happy, it’s about keeping HIS name HOLY!
  • Jesus doesn’t want to give us more help, He wants to give us more of HIMSELF which is all the help that we need.
  • God is often working the MOST when we feel Him the LEAST!
  • In the darkest valley, David was choosing to focus more on the promise of God’s presence than he was on the presence of his problems.
  • The only way to NOT be afraid based SOLELY on the presence of Jesus is if Jesus is ALL you need.  For if Jesus is all you need then you have nothing to lose in your problems.
  • Jesus NEVER stops pursuing you.

—  Challenged the church to pray one prayer each day before you begin.  It’s simply declaring Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.”

—  Next week I will be doing something to deliver the word that we have NEVER done before and I think you will never forget.  We’ll be looking at Jesus as a “Mighty God.”  Don’t miss it and bring someone with you.

—  That’s gonna be it!  GREAT day and I can’t wait to do it again this weekend.  I love you guys!  Thanks for being a part of our home!

Till the end,


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