Sunday Ruminations (10-21-12)

22 10 2012

I know that for a lot of people this series and season hasn’t been on your radar for very long, but we’ve been planning and praying about Momentum now for over 6 months.  To see this all come together and now ending next week is both satisfying and terrifying.  Satisfying because our team worked TIRELESSLY to accomplish this season.  Terrifying because now we move into LIVING IT OUT!  This series, as I’ve said repeatedly, is SO IMPORTANT for our church.  Literally laying the foundation for YEARS to come.  Today was another great day at Element.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  One word could describe how I felt all day today.  PEACE!  I woke up about 4:45 AM this morning and for the rest of the day just sensed “God is with us.”  That continued all the way through the day.  I even texted Pastor Adam after first service and said, “Bro, GOD was there.”  I understand that we believe He is every week, but for me, it just felt SO good today.  An extra sense of His presence.

—  I tend to be pretty paranoid and anxious as a pastor on Sunday’s.  I’m ALWAYS “nervous” about the weight of responsibility in teaching God’s Word, so that weight wasn’t gone today, it was just SO peaceful for me today.  That’s the only way I can describe it. Thanks God!

—  This coming Sunday is going to be a HUGE day in the life of our church.  We are ending Momentum with a time of celebration and praise and will be receiving our 3 year financial faith commitments for Momentum, as well as our first fruits offering.  We are praying for a $250,000 first fruits offering and $2 million in commitments.

—  We’re asking for first fruits, that we bring the largest cash gift we can give towards the completion of our faith commitment.

—  The day is gonna look a little bit different than usual, but we are STILL gonna praise God together.  LET’S DO THIS!

—  Today, I shared the amount of money that some volunteer leaders and staff in our church have already committed to give.  I’m not gonna share that number on here, (You can hear it online) but through today our leaders have gotten us off to a GREAT start.  Inspiring!! Thanks to all who have already committed.

—  As you know, we continued our series called “Momentum” today by asking the question, “What are my last words on Momentum?”  Preached from 1 Chronicles 29:1-20.  Presented the message a bit differently today.  I wanted to have a “heart to heart” with our people.  So I brought up a table and stool, sat down and just shared my heart with our church.  It was special for me.  Felt right.  Got to re-tell the story of Element Church a bit too and that NEVER gets old.  Always reminds me of God’s faithfulness.  Here are some excerpts from the day.

  •   David said about the Temple, “The word ahead is ENOURMOUS.”  Not because of the amount of money it would take, not because of how big the Temple would be, not because it would require great sacrifice.  He said the task ahead is enourmous because this is for the “Lord God HIMSELF.”
  • If we forget that this is FOR the Lord, we’ll lose FOCUS under the weight of the load.
  • If something is truly FROM the Lord, the Lord will surely FIND a way.
  • “Has My arm lost its power?”  Such a POWERFUL question from God to Moses, but also ultimately to us.
  • The reason this is FOR the Lord is because I’m certain this is FROM the Lord.
  • This is not about money, it’s about a MISSION.  It’s not about finances, it’s about our FAITH.
  • The burden should be light because it all belongs to God.  When we give to His church…if we give to Momentum, we’re not really giving Him ANYTHING.  We’re just RETURNING what is rightfully His.
  • We don’t bless God when we give, we give because HE BLESSED US!

—  Shared some personal prayers that I’ve been praying over our congregation.  Shared a very personal story of God asking me to “speak” something from the platform and how that came about.  If you weren’t here today I’d encourage you to listen or watch online.  Sermon should be up by Tuesday.

—  We’re starting a new sermon series called “Jesus For President” on November 4th that I am INCREDIBLY excited for.  I believe God’s gonna do a GREAT work in some people.  Love the direction that series is headed.  Gonna talk about Jesus being “in charge.”  Which by the way, HE IS!  Gonna be a lot of fun.

—  So proud of our team.  Cannot say enough about their dedication and commitment.  Thanks team for all you guys do.  Love you!

—  That’s gonna be all today.  Thanks Element Church for being YOU!  I love leading you.

Till the end,


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