Sunday Ruminations (8-5-12)

6 08 2012

MAN, was it good to be back in the pulpit again this week.  I have MISSED my church family and was SO READY to unpack God’s Word with you today!  It was an AWESOME day at Element.  Here are my ruminations!

—  First off, 16 people acknowledged to us that they received LIFE In Christ today at Element.  WOO HOO!  If only for the ONE!

—  THIS is why we do what do we do!  Don’t EVER forget that.

— Second, THANK YOU to all the staff at Element and to EVERYONE who calls Element Church home.  Thank you for allowing your pastor to get refreshed and renewed the last 4 weeks.  The staff always does such a great job in my stead and did so again this time.  So honored to have Pastor Andy, Pastor Devon, Pastor Brad and Pastor Derek bring God’s Word to you the last 4 weeks.

—  Element, I hope you know how BLESSED you are to have those men and all the other people who are working on staff for me.  We have THE BEST staff on the planet.  Can’t imagine doing this without them.

—  The first week away I was on vacation with my family, then Sabrina and I got to spend a week by ourselves KID FREE in Galveston, TX.  The last two weeks I’ve been in the office but have not been here on Sunday taking a leadership/study break.  It gave me some time to plan and study for what is coming up next at Element Church.  Again, THANK YOU for the break!

—  I was SO READY to preach today.  This was the longest break I’ve had since starting Element Church and I was READY to preach.  My voice is feeling it for sure.

—  Announced today that we have RECEIVED FINANCING to start the expansion/remodel of our facility.  YES YES YES!!  Lord willing we will be breaking ground on the remodel in September.  Thank you to everyone who was praying for God’s favor.  We believe He gave us just that!  In September and October I’ll be walking us through what this means for us as a church!

—  We’ve had a GREAT START to I ♥ Cheyenne.  You can always check out the I ♥ website HERE for the latest volunteer hours served.  We’ve had 674 backpack supply lists turned back in and fulfilled.  To put that into perspective that equals $20,220 in school supplies.  UNREAL!  Thank you Element Church for LEADING THE WAY IN GENEROSITY!!

—  There are TONS of serving opportunities this month for people of ALL ages.  My wife and I had our whole family out Saturday serving four hours at one of the clean up events.  You can sign up online HERE.

—  Don’t forget, our goal is to fill 1,000 backpacks for students who are in need and serve 10,000 hours in our community.

—  We started a new series today called “I ♥ Cheyenne”.  I asked the question “How do we love our city?” and preached from Zechariah 8:1-23.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • While the prophecies in this passage were specific for Jerusalem, the principles in them apply to us all.
  • When I say we “love” Cheyenne I’m not talking about a love that is a result of receiving a benefit from the city, I’m talking about a love that inspires US to BENEFIT the city.
  • God’s love for you is not conditioned upon your condition.  His love for you is conditioned by the CROSS!
  • The best way to love our city is not by coming up with ways to love our city, it’s by loving a God who ALREADY passionately loves our city.
  • God didn’t see the city for where it WAS, He saw it for where it could BE.
  • We won’t truly serve the people of our city with love until we see them the way God does.  With potential.
  • You’re not too far from God that He can’t save you.  You haven’t done so much that He can’t change you.  It’s not too late and you’re never too deep to escape the love of God.
  • God sees your potential through the power of Jesus, not your past and the pain of your sin or the present and the problems your currently facing.
  • God doesn’t let the defeats of our past define who we are or who we’re going to be.  The defeats of our past just make our destiny with Jesus even greater.
  • If we do good things for people without the greatness of God being revealed, it can end up just being garbage.  The greatness of God is what people ultimately need, and the greatest part OF God is His SALVATION!
  • If we reach our goal without the splendor of God then we’ve done some good things but nothing of true significance.

—  WE NEED GOD’S PRESENCE!!  That’s what it ALL boils down to.

—  I’m SO EXCITED to see what God does through YOU, His people, this month.  You guys are stepping up SO HUGE!  I’m praying for God sized impact as you serve and give all over Cheyenne!

—  That’s about all!  I LOVE you guys!  Thanks for being a part of my family!

Till the end,


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