25 07 2012

Yep!  I made up a word again.  I got back in the office last week after some extended time away and I cannot tell you how READY I am to be with my church family again.  Pastor Kody (our Executive Pastor) set my preaching Calendar for 2012 almost a year ago in 2011.  Scheduled in was the month of July where I would go on a family vacation, then take the last couple weeks as a leadership/study break.  My study break ends this week as Pastor Derek and our e:kidz team take over the service on Sunday and give us a glimpse into the AMAZING kids ministry that we have here at Element.  All that to say, my time away was SO re-energizing.  And I thought about something a lot while I was away.

People often talk about solitude.  Getting off by yourself and being alone.  But just being alone may not accomplish what you NEED!  You can still be bombarded with “noise” in your life.  So I came up with a new word.  QUIETude.  It’s like solitude, only it’s QUIET!  We need that.  I need that.  One of the things that I did while away was not receive ANY information about how Element was doing.  I didn’t receive one text, one email, one phone call on the attendance, the offering, how the sermon went, who was mad about what was said in the sermon, NOTHING!  I knew that I could be gone for a couple weeks and EVERYTHING would be just fine.  Element Church doesn’t depend on ME it depends on JESUS!  And I cannot depend on Element Church, I must depend on JESUS!  And that’s where QUIETude comes in.

Sabrina and I were VERY blessed to stay on the beach in Galveston, TX in a beach house for one week.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  One morning while I was running on the beach next to the crashing waves, just taking in God’s creation and listening for Him…running in QUIETude I was reminded of this passage.

Isaiah 30:15a  This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “ONLY in returning to me and RESTING in me will you be saved.”

We get that.  We need rest. I blogged about that HERE before I left.  But it’s this next part that I think we miss.

Isaiah 30:15b “In QUIETNESS and confidence is your STRENGTH. But you would have none of it.” 

It’s returning to God and resting in Him we find salvation.  It’s in quietness and confidence that we find STRENGTH!  I’ve been strengthened.  In fact, I’m a little worried how strong I’ll preach on August 5th.  HA!  Come ready for a firestorm!  God spoke to me during this break.  He encouraged me.  He convicted me.  He challenged me.  He birthed new things in me.  It was PERFECT!

So, what do you need to do to have QUIETude?  Whatever it is DO IT!  It’s where you’ll find your strength.

Trying to be quiet,


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