Sunday Ruminations (6-17-12)

18 06 2012

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  And it WAS a happy Father’s Day!  I LOVE being a dad and my kids gave me some awesome words yesterday.  Sabrina had them fill out a “fill in the blank” thing of “My dad is…” type stuff.  Super cute.  Made me laugh.  LOVE my kids.  My wife got me a new pair of Toms that I was sporting today.  Couldn’t ask for a better partner to parent my kids with than her.  Thanks for the great day Sabrina.  I do want to also say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my dad.  Dad didn’t have to TELL us how to be a good dad, he SHOWED us!  I love you dad.  As I said, thanks for being YOU! Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  I prayed with a young man in the Living Room after 3rd service who wanted to re-commit his life to Christ.  It was awesome!  He came right up, admitted his mistakes and said “I need to get my life back on the right track with Jesus again!”  So we did just that.  I prayed with him, and he prayed to God.  I believe he left with a RENEWED faith in Christ.

—  We baptized 23 people today.  I LOVE seeing people go public with their faith.  If only for the ONE!

—  Some people went in the water with tears, others with grins from ear to ear, and one with a shout to God!  It was AWESOME!  From kids to adults it is NEVER old seeing people proclaim Jesus.

—  The energy in first service was INSANE!  God’s presence was there and people were celebrating like crazy.  Loved it.

—  We continued our sermon series called “Four Letter Words” today and talked about the word “Lead.”  I preached from Judges 4:1-5:2.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • Everyone has someone we have influence over and if you have influence, you are a leader.
  • As dad’s, the devil would like nothing more than to convince us our leadership on the job is greater than our leadership at home.  That our value to the company is more important than our value to our kids.
  • If I succeed as the pastor of this church but fail to lead my family, I am NOT a success.
  • If a man will not lead his family then satan will.
  • A lot of men are present in the home but not paying attention.  They live in the home but aren’t leading it.  They love their family but aren’t watching out for them.
  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually a sign of wisdom, which by the way, is a character trait of a leader.
  • Barak didn’t care who received the honor as long as he completed God’s task WITH honor.  He wasn’t concerned with receiving honor if it meant that the people he led or the Name of God would be humiliated.
  • If your looking for honor you won’t be able to lead; for a leader doesn’t care who receives the honor.
  • A leaders isn’t focused on what they’re receiving.  A leader is focused on what they’re BRINGING to God and to those around them.
  • Leadership isn’t just handing down expectations to the people who serve you, it’s being an example to those you lead by serving them.
  • Husbands, we are called to lead the way in submission to Jesus, and you can’t submit to Jesus without serving your wife, and if you humbly serve your wife it’s easier for her to submit to you.
  • A real man doesn’t need to use Scripture to control his wife.  A real man lives out Scripture FOR his wife regardless of whether she ever conforms to Scripture in her own life or not.
  • If you’re using Scripture to try and control your wife you’re not a leader you are a loser.
  • The Bible says we are supposed to love our wives as Christ loved the church, and last I checked Jesus doesn’t force you to do anything.  In fact, He faithfully serves you in the hopes that you’ll follow Him.  So maybe your wife would follow you if you faithfully served her, and even if she doesn’t, like Jesus, we are still called to serve.
  • If we are going to lead we must be 1.  Willing to ask for help; 2.  Willing for someone else to receive the honor; 3.  Willing to serve with humility; 4.  Willing to work hand in hand

—  The sermon wasn’t focused necessarily on dads & husbands but I did challenge us pretty strong in the sermon.

—  We announced our next Men’s Conference coming up on August 31st – September 1st called LEAD.  You can register HERE.

—  We started promoting I (Heart) Cheyenne today.  The whole month of August we are going to serve our city with the love of Jesus.  We want to lead the way in generosity.  Our goal is to fill 1,500 backpacks with school supplies for students who are in need, and serve 15,000 hours collectively in our community with acts of love and service.  You can pick up school supply lists and sign up to serve at the tent outside the front door at church.

—  An I (Heart) Cheyenne web-site will be up soon where you can sign up, donate and get more information.  We’ll be talking about it a TON as the weeks toward August countdown.

—  I want to challenge EVERYONE who calls Element Church home to do SOMETHING!  We can’t do everything, but we can all do something, and if we all do something we can end up doing EVERYTHING!

—  That’s gonna be all for this Father’s Day addition of Ruminations.  I love you guys!

Till the end,


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