My Funeral Message

14 06 2012

I gotta be honest.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a funeral where the deceased was not celebrated.  I’m sure it’s happened before, I’ve just never been a part of one.  I guess that’s a good thing.  At every funeral I’ve attended or pastored, it seemed as if the person was loved, admired, enjoyed, and people were genuinely sorry that person was gone.  Well, I read something in Scripture a while back that struck me in a way it never had before.  I LOVE that about Scripture.  You can read the same thing hundreds of times and it’s that ONE time you see something for the FIRST time.  That’s how it was with this.

There are verses in Scripture that I consider “sad” verses.  This may be one of the saddest of all.

2 Chronicles 21:20 says about King Jehoram of Judah that “No one was sorry when he died.” 

That’s horrible.  NO ONE?  How bad of a life do you have to live that NO ONE was sorry when he died?  No video tribute.  No photo montage.  No special eulogy.  No close friends as pallbearers.  No lunch offered for the mourners following the funeral.  NO ONE was sorry when he died!

It was in that verse that I was soberly reminded, I’m writing my own funeral message RIGHT NOW…and so are YOU!  The words you say.  The things you do.  The way you use your time.  The way you use your talents.  The way you use your treasure.  ALL of your life is YOUR funeral message.

So let me ask ALL of us a question.  Are we writing a good message?



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