Sunday Ruminations (6-10-12)

11 06 2012

Great day at Element.  Here are my ruminations!

—  My wife was out of town this weekend with our daughter Mariah for a little mommy/daughter time so I brought the other three kids with me to the church at 6:30 AM this morning.  Waking them all up at 6 AM was an adventure.  They did GREAT but made for a different kind of start to the day for this man of routine.

—  I don’t think bringing my kids to church that early should be a common thing.  Jaydah was WIPED OUT by the time 3rd service rolled around.  They were troopers.

—  Today my Grandma Maness was able to attend Element Church for the first time.  She is one of the GODLIEST women I know and it was an HONOR to have her there.  So thankful she was able to see what God’s doing in our church.

—  My parents and grandparents have passed on a heritage of holiness to us.  I pray EVERY DAY that I will be able to see MY grandkids live out a faith in Jesus.

—  This coming Sunday is baptism.  If you are new to the faith or have never gone public with you’re faith through baptism, THIS is your next step.  You can sign up to be baptized HERE.

—  We continued our series called “Four Letter Words” today by talking about the word FAST.  I preached from Daniel 9:1-22.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • Fasting is meant to partner with my prayers in a way that increases my awareness OF God, my dependancy ON God and my need FOR God.
  • If you fast without praying you’ll never experience the full benefits of a fast.  And if you pray without fasting you’ll never see how powerful your prayer life can be.  Fasting is like putting your prayer life on steroids.
  • When you fast God won’t make your hunger subside, but He will sustain you through it.
  • If you give up something you DON’T enjoy you won’t receive any joy from giving up that SOMETHING.
  • When you fast it’s so easy to focus on what you’re living WITHOUT that you can fail to remember where you’d be without JESUS!
  • If you wait into you’re CALLED to fast you may never go ON a fast.  Fasting is a personal choice.  A discipline.
  • If your fast doesn’t begin with “God this is all about YOU”, then God can’t do anything for you IN the fast; for the best benefit OF a fast is recognizing “YOU are God and I am not!”
  • Nothing will remind you quicker that “It’s not about me” than a fast.
  • Fasting doesn’t forgive you, GOD forgives you, you might just use a fast as a way to approach God through submission and confession.
  • Fasting is not a way to get God to do what you want.  More than ANYTHING, fasting is a way to get US conformed to GOD’S will.
  • The key to the whole passage is not Daniel asking for HELP, it’s where Daniel was putting his HOPE.  His hope was not in what God could DO but in who God IS.
  • The best thing I’ve EVER received from a fast is GOD!
  • If you COMMIT to a fast, then COMPLETE the fast.
  • If you complete the fast you need to remember that you may not get what you WANT…what you ASK for, but God will always give you what you NEED!

—  Fasting wasn’t the flashiest topic to discuss today and not the most exciting thing to look at but it is VITAL in our Christian maturity.  It is a DISCIPLINE we need to pursue.

—  Had someone tell me “We’ve never fasted and my wife’s aunt just asked us if we could pray and fast for some family members who need Jesus.”  The sermon was timely for that family.  Cool to see how God works that out.

—  If you want to go on a fast, make sure you commit and complete.  If you’re just getting started in the discipline of fasting, start small, and make it a regular part of your life.

—  Fasting has been one of the most beneficial aspects of my spiritual journey.  God’s Word is never more alive than when I fast.  I’ve seen God do miracles on a fast.  And God’s voice is so clear on a fast.

—  We have two more “Four letter words” we are looking at in this series.  I truly do believe these four, four letter words are the most avoided disciplines in the church!  Can’t wait to unpack the last two!

—  I’m gonna call it a night.  Love you guys!  You guys are AMAZING!

Till the end,





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