Sunday Ruminations (6-3-12)

4 06 2012

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!  SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER! Ok, not forever, but summer vacation HAS begun and I always think of that song when it does.  We live across the street from the school our kids attend and I was actually outside when the final bell of the year rang out.  I remember that being the BEST sound of the year.  HA!  Great day at Element Church today.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

— Was able to take last Sunday and go to our home church away from home in Gillette, WY.  My dad is on staff there so we had a great weekend with them.  In my stead, Pastor Devon preached his VERY FIRST Sunday morning sermon and did a GREAT job!  I watched his message online.  If you haven’t yet, you can do that HERE.

—  I am SO thankful for the great staff God has brought us that doesn’t just “fill in” when necessary.  They are FULLY capable of preaching the Word of God with boldness and clarity.  Way to go Devon.

—  ALSO, our scheduled worship leader for today (Tori) got very sick last night and this morning could not come to lead us in worship.  So, Pastor Devon filled in last minute, led us to the throne of God in worship and did a GREAT job!  It was either that or you have ME lead and you do NOT want that.  Trust me.

—  SO grateful for an AMAZING group of tech and worship as well that made the adjustment quickly and efficiently.  We have the BEST team on the planet.

—  Started a new series today called “F$%@ (four) Letter Words”.  We’re talking about four, four letter words that when used in the church make us cringe, raise an eyebrow or shy away from in confusion.  These four words are spiritual disciplines.  Today we talked about the word “pray”, and asked the question “How does God want us to pray?”.  Preached from 1 Kings 18:41-46.  Here are some excerpts from the day:

  • These disciplines, these four letter words are oftentimes DESIRED in our lives but too often they are DODGED because we don’t understand them, don’t know what God wants from them or have been misinformed about them.
  • Too often we don’t pray the way God wants us to pray and we really only pray in a way that benefits us.
  • Our problem is not that the Bible doesn’t talk about prayer, our problem is that we don’t pursue it.
  • Prayer is not about getting God to do what you want, it’s about getting what God WANTS into your HEART!
  • There are times that God doesn’t give us what we want or what we ask for, because what we ask for is trying to take the place of HIM in our heart.
  • It’s ok if you claim that you pray “all the time”, but my question is do you have a time where ALL you do is pray?
  • It’s not the addition of words that God’s looking for in our prayers, it’s the attitude of our heart.
  • Prayer is not our last resort, it’s our only REAL option.
  • Elijah’s prayer was based on the PROMISE of God, not just the POTENTIAL of what God could do.  The POTENTIAL of God is unlimited, it’s the PROMISES of God that cause us to pray expectantly!
  • I believe there is a direct correlation between our effort to be in God’s Word and the expectancy of our prayers.
  • The Bible is loaded with promises that when partnered with God’s power cause us to pray expectantly.
  • Earnestness is not found in our ability TO pray, but in the attitude OF our prayers.
  • Why do you think God wants us to pray big prayers?  Because our big prayers force us to cling to a BIG God!
  • Elijah’s prayer was founded in the promise of God and He wasn’t going to stop praying until he FOUND his promise.
  • Elijah saw a puny little cloud and that led him to believe that God’s promise was on it’s way.

—  We have SEVERAL prayer opportunities springing up out of this message for this week and beyond.

  1. Tuesday Noon Prayer:  Every Tuesday I lead a prayer community group in the worship center from noon – 1 pm.  Each person prays on there own, no one is forced to pray out loud.  We turn on some worship music and spend time praying for our church.  It’s come and go so bring a lunch if you need to and spend some time in prayer.
  2. Week of prayer:  This week we will be opening the worship center from 9 am – 5 PM (Monday through Thursday) for come and go prayer.  If you can come in for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or whatever, it’s available. Worship music will be playing and I encourage you to come pray EXPECTANTLY for what only HE can do.
  3. Enter:  The first Tuesday of every month from 6:30 – 7:30 PM for a night of worship.  Childcare is provided and the next Enter is THIS Tuesday.  We’d love to see you there.
  4. The last prayer opportunity is just something I’m going to do this week and invite you to join me.  Since the series is “4″ letter words, I’m going to set a reminder on my phone to pray at FOUR after the hour each hour that I’m awake this week.  You can follow me on Twitter HERE or the church Facebook page HERE and I’ll send out some reminders for you on there as well.

—  I’m hoping these opportunities will help kick start our prayer lives this week.  Don’t forget, what’s that ONE thing you can pray for for ONE week!  Focus on that this week.

— BAPTISM is coming up on Sunday, June 17th.  If you have recently accepted Christ as your Savior or have never been water baptized NOW is your opportunity.  This is your next step.  Sign up HERE to be a part of this special day.

—  I believe that’s it.  LOTS of stuff going on!  Hope to see a bunch of you at these prayer opportunities and I can’t wait to hear how God spoke to you through prayer!  Love you guys.  You are AWESOME!

Till the end,


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