Sunday Ruminations (5-13-12)

14 05 2012

Hope it was a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you moms out there.  As I said in church, not only are you often the primary care givers for our children, but many of you are the primary caregivers for us husbands who often ACT like children.  That is NOT easy!  HA!  To my AMAZING wife & mother of my children “I LOVE YOU!”  Our kids are BLESSED to call you mom.  To my mom, there is NO ON ELSE I’d rather call “mom.”  You’re the best.  I love you.  UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous weather on this Mother’s Day!  God did some work in people’s hearts at Element.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  11 people acknowledged to us they accepted Jesus as Savior today and found NEW LIFE in Him!  WOO HOO!  If only for the ONE!

—  I met two young men in the living room today who came for the first time as their Mother’s Day gift to their mom.  She was beaming!  They asked her “What do you want for Mothers Day?”  She said she wanted them to come to Element.  They did!  Hope God spoke to their hearts!

—  The other young man I met in the Living had never been involved in church as an adult.  He started coming to Element a few weeks ago after an invitation from one of our volunteers and today he brought his MOM to church!  LOVE IT! One mom bringing her adult sons, one adult son bringing his mom.

—  Leadership Summit is TONIGHT at 6:30 PM in the worship center.  Childcare is provided.  If you are currently volunteering anywhere at Element Church or if you are INTERESTED in volunteering, the Leadership Summit is for you.  We’re going to spend some time in worship, and I’ll be casting vision on the future of Element and bringing a message from the Word.

—  I’ll be sharing to our volunteers FIRST what I’m sharing with the church as a whole this coming Sunday.  What I’m sharing is a GOD SIZED VISION.  It’s a goal that if God doesn’t come through, we’re through kind of goal.  I can’t wait to talk to you about it.

—  Don’t forget that this coming Sunday, May 20th, is VISION SUNDAY!  We’ll be closing out our series by casting some vision on what the next chapter is here at Element Church!  I believe what God’s called us to do can effect GENERATIONS and will impact communities FAR BEYOND just Element Church in Cheyenne, WY.  Hope to see you there.

—  We continued our series “This is how we change the world” today by talking about our last core value.  Honor in all things — We will honor God and honor people with EVERYTHING we do!  Preached from Mark 10:35-45.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • If we’re not careful, values can just become carefully crafted statements that sound good and look cool.
  • James and John were thinking “If we sit next to the throne, people will serve US.”  But Jesus said, “NO, if you sit next to the throne you’re going to serve OTHER PEOPLE.”
  • A good waiter makes it all about the other person, and so does a good follower of Jesus.  And so does a good church.
  • The only way to fulfill my desire to be honored is NOT by being honored more, it’s by living a more honoring life.
  • Honor is not about self recognition, it’s about recognizing how selfish we are and lifting other people up.
  • Honor is demonstrated whether you ever receive any honor in return.
  • Honor has much more to do with my posture than it does my position.  The posture of honor is SURRENDER!
  • If anyone could have demanded honor it was Jesus.  If anyone could have used their status it was our Lord.  But He came not to BE served, but to serve OTHERS!
  • I can either pursue honor or I can pursue Jesus.  If I pursue honor I CAN’T pursue Jesus.  If I pursue Jesus I WON’T pursue honor.
  • If I’m pursuing Jesus my desire is to live more like Him.  If I live more like Him I’ll bring honor to GOD and to OTHER people.
  • Any position we might receive.  Any status we might attain.  Any honor, any value, any recognition, any praise, PALES in comparison to the price our Lord paid.  He deserves the honor, glory & praise for He gave His life away.  The way we show Him honor is by giving our lives right back to Him.

—  Don’t forget, Leadership Summit is TONIGHT at 6:30 PM and VISION SUNDAY is this coming Sunday, May 20th.  If you are a volunteer, I hope to see you TONIGHT.  If you call Element Church home, I hope to see you THIS SUNDAY!

—  Gonna call it good for now.  Element Church, I LOVE you guys!  You’re the greatest!

Till the end,


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