What EVERY husband needs!

9 05 2012

And NO men…what you’re thinking of is NOT a need.  You will not die if you go without IT.  I’ve never read an obituary that cited THAT as a cause of death.  Air?  That’s a need!  Water?  Yep!  Food?  Pretty much!  THAT?  Sorry.  (typing this with a grin)

I could have titled this “What EVERY husband needs and what every wife should know!”

In 2 Samuel chapter 6, King David was returning home from a hard days work.  They had just completed the STRESSFUL task of moving the Ark of God into Jerusalem.  It was something David had wanted to do to honor the Lord and bless the people.  (The last time David tried this, someone died.  So this was a BIG deal!)

2 Samuel 6:20 says When David returned home to BLESS HIS OWN FAMILY, (Men, your role is to BLESS your family not BELITTLE them.  To BUILD them up not BEAT them down.  To BE a servant, not to BE served.  And you do this, REGARDLESS of what your wife or children do for you. Now back to the wives.) Michal, the daughter of Saul (and wife of David), came out to meet him. She said in disgust, “How distinguished the king of Israel looked today, shamelessly exposing himself to the servant girls like any vulgar person might do!”

David’s intention when he came home was to BLESS his wife, but when he entered the door he was immediately met with a BITE!  He had just completed something he had long wanted to do, and all his wife could do was tear him down.  Point out his mistakes.  Share her disgust.  Do you think David fulfilled what he set out to do?  To bless his family?  Hard to bless when you’re beaten up.

Wives, you need to know this.  There is ONE person outside of God and our own dads that we want approval from and it’s YOU!  Even after 5 years of dating and 15 years of marriage, I’m STILL trying to impress my wife.  It’s HER word of encouragement I need.  It’s HER support I’m looking for.  It’s HER respect that matters.  And I PRAISE GOD EVERY DAY that God gave me a wife who GETS IT!

I understand there are husbands who aren’t earning respect.  I know there are men who abuse the role of husband.  But wives (as I heard another pastor say) inside of every man is a KING or a KID.  The one who you speak to, is the one who will come alive!  Speak to your man as a KING and he’ll be better able to live like it!

RESPECT him (we take pride in what we do).  ENCOURAGE him (we often feel inadequate in what we do).  SUPPORT him (we need you beside us in what we do).  (All of that and I didn’t even use the dreaded “S” word…SUBMIT.  I’ll leave that for another day)

There you have it.  My ramblings on “What every husband needs and every wife needs to know.”  Maybe it helped someone today!

Here’s to hoping,





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