Sunday Ruminations (5-6-12)

7 05 2012

I think I say this every month, so may as well keep it up…I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S MAY ALREADY!  Crazy!  Of course the weather has been nothing short of near summer like recently, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.  Another great day at Element today, here are my ruminations.

—  15 people acknowledged to us they accepted Jesus as Savior and found new life in HIM!  WOO HOO!  If only for the ONE!

—  Heard a cool story today of a guy that invited his EX wife to Element.  She came and LOVED it!  Said she had never experienced anything like it.  LOVE THAT!  So cool to hear of men inviting their EX’S to church.

—  A brand new community season at Element is coming up in June.  The whole month of May we are promoting community opportunities.  For more info on community go HERE.

—  Got a really cool serving opportunity for families coming up through e:kidz.  It’s called “Plant a seed in the park”.  You can check out the details and sign up HERE.  If you have kids in e:kidz they should have brought home some information.

—  Element 5k will be here before we know it.  Sign up HERE to participate.  Cost is $20, but 15 of those dollars will go straight to the Comea Homeless Shelter and Life Choice Pregnancy Care Center here in town.

—  ALSO, coming up on Monday night, May 14th is our Volunteer Leadership Summit!  If you are currently a volunteer or are interested in volunteering we’d LOVE to have you at this event.  Pastor Adam and the band will lead us in worship, and I’ll be sharing with our volunteers some vision and message from God’s Word.  It’s a great time of celebration as a team.  Childcare is provided and it begins at 6:30 PM.

—  We continued our series today called “This is how we change the world” and talked about Core Value #5: It Matters…  Preached from Matthew 10:5-42.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • It Matters… = No matter what you do IN the church, it matters just the same FOR the church.
  • Anytime you can mention Rob Base in a sermon it’s good!  HA!
  • “I’m just…” is a phrase that needs to be REMOVED from our churches language.  “I’m JUST a greeter.”  “I JUST serve in hospitality.”  “I’m JUST on the parking team.”  When people SAY it, most likely they BELIEVE it, and if you BELIEVE it you won’t thank that what you do MATTERS!
  • You are just as important as ANYONE when you do ANYTHING in God’s Kingdom for Jesus.
  • We have elevated the position of the pulpit at the expense of the places like the parking team.
  • The moment I lose sight of who gave me this position, is the moment I miss the importance of it.  And the same is true for EVERY place in the church.
  • Serving in God’s Kingdom, serving in God’s church is NOT an obligation, it is an opportunity.  An opportunity to be involved in something bigger than ourselves.  Something that makes an IMPACT!
  • Because we have placed a higher value on the platform than any other positions, we start to see certain gifts instead of seeking the GIVER who gives them.  If we are seeking out GIFTS, we will end up missing the GIVER.
  • So many people never get to do what God’s chosen them to do because they won’t trust God to do what only HE can do…PROVIDE!
  • If you’re looking for anything more than Jesus you’re going to be disappointed.  If you give SO you’ll receive you’ll eventually stop giving, but if you give BECAUSE you’ve received you can’t stop giving.  If you serve SO you’ll be rewarded you’ll eventually stop serving, but if you serve because JESUS is your reward you can’t stop serving.
  • We can get so busy doing things FOR Jesus that we fail to connect WITH Jesus.
  • When we focus on what we DO we can lose sight of Who’s we ARE.  When we focus on who’s we ARE we accomplish everything He’s asked us to DO.
  • It’s not about WHAT we do, but WHO’S we are.  It’s not about the GIFTS it’s about the GIVER.  It’s not about REWARDS but about what we’ve already RECEIVED.

—  I challenged anyone who is a Christian but is yet to get plugged into their church through volunteering to do that.  You can sign up to serve God through Element Church HERE.

— Don’t forget that Sunday, May 20th, is a big VISION SUNDAY here at Element.  I hope you’ll make it a priority to be there.  I’m going to be unveiling some new directions God’s asking us to go INSIDE of the vision He’s given us.  It’s an “If God doesn’t come through WE’RE through” kind of vision.  I CAN’T wait to share it with you.  I am SCARED TO GOD of what’s next for Element Church.  “If God is for us…”

—  Also, continue praying for FAVOR with financing when it comes to our remodel.  I hope to have some sort of update for you on May 20th.  Hoping for a POSITIVE one!

—  That’s gonna be it.  Thanks to all of you who call Element Church your HOME.  I LOVE you guys!  See ya Sunday.

Till the end,


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