I’m Pregnant Again

2 05 2012

NO Sabrina and I are NOT expecting (knock on wood).  I love my kids but I think that would drive me into depression and despair.  HOWEVER, I am preaching again this Sunday and that is likened to being pregnant.  Let me explain…

I don’t remember where I read this or who said it, but it is so true.  They talked about how preaching is like delivering a baby then waking up the next day only to find out your pregnant again.  (Please moms, understand I am in NO WAY saying I understand the physical pain and intensity that you have faced.  I’ve watched my wife carry FOUR children, been in the delivery room FOUR times and I do NOT wish that upon ANYONE!)

When a preacher has delivered a sermon, at least this is the way it happens for me, it didn’t just pop into their mind that morning or even on Saturday night.  Many times the sermon that is given on Sunday has been growing for weeks, if not months at a time.  Maybe it was  “conceived” in a moment of inspiration as God revealed something to them in Scripture and AT the time it seemed insignificant, but OVER time it begins to grow and develop and mature into a burden on the heart of the preacher SO INTENSE they HAVE to get it out.

Preaching is a laborious process.  It is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically taxing.  By the time Sunday morning rolls around a preacher has (or should have) prayed hard, studied hard, practiced hard and fallen in love with what they are about to deliver.  They anticipate the response of the people.  “Will they listen?”  “Will they understand?”  They seek the counsel of God.  “Is this YOUR word for THESE people?”  Then Sunday morning rolls around.  It’s the day they’ve been waiting for.  DELIVERY.

One, two, three, sometimes four or more times in a weekend the pastor pours his heart out to the people he leads and loves.  The words coming out of his mouth have been pent up in his heart, growing, maturing, developing into a full on 35 – 40 minute message (give or take).  Hours, days, weeks, months of anticipation building up to this ONE moment.  Then BAM.  It’s all over.  The people leave and the pastor again pleads for the Holy Spirit to do what we CANNOT do…connect those words to their hearts.  They go home, they crash in exhaustion, they wake up Monday morning…and they are PREGNANT.

As pastors we LIVE Jeremiah 20:9  But if I say I’ll never mention the LORD or speak in his name, his word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m pregnant again, and I CAN’T WAIT TILL SUNDAY!



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