Sunday Ruminations (4-29-12)

30 04 2012

—  Announced our next steps with Impact today!  Hard to believe that 18 months ago we started this journey.  Essentially, what it boils down to is, we feel like God has led us to step forward again and pursue financing for the project.  God has blessed us the last 6 months through the generosity of those in Element Church, and we are trusting He will provide EVERYTHING we need.

—  The sermon will be up online by Tuesday and you can watch it for all the details there.  God has been faithful, not only to provide financially, but He gave us the wisdom and clarity we needed to make a decision on what to pursue next.  We met with Cogun Building Design Firm and re-worked our plans, potentially saving us a lot of money on the whole project.  Also, we are pursuing doing the whole remodel in one shot and not phasing it out. (This will get us the youth portion of the facility right away.  We NEED that)

—  I’m praying that on Sunday, May 20th, we will have some definitive answers on financing.  Be praying with me that if this is God’s timing and God’s will that He will grant us favor!

—  Continued our sermon series called “This is how we change the world” today and talked about Core Value #4: A place to call HOME!  Preached from Luke 7:36-50.  Here are some excerpts on the day:

  • Hot Booties!  Had to be there…or watch online.
  • To truly be a home WE have to be who we really are, and allow other people the same freedom.  We aren’t really good at that in the church.
  • A place to call home = We will love people for who they are so we can lead them to where they need to be.
  • If we’re gonna be a home we need to be willing to put up with a little bit of awkwardness for the sake of the afflicted.  Get a little bit uncomfortable for the sake of those who need to be comforted.
  • There is nothing wrong with a church saying “Everyone is welcome”, here’s the thing though;  If everyone is welcome at our church we won’t need to say it, people will see it, for the “notorious sinners” from our community will be there and they will feel comfortable approaching Jesus.
  • A church without notorious sinners is like a hospital without sick people.  Do you know what you call a hospital without sick people?  POINTLESS!
  • Usually, the reason certain hospitals get the most sick people is because they’ve helped the most sick people become well.
  • The only way sinful people will be willing to come to Jesus is if they see through His church that Jesus has come for THEM.
  • When you compare yourself to other people you believe Jesus thinks as highly of yourself as you do.
  • Love is not overlooking peoples sins, it’s helping them overcome them, and to overcome them they need to be uncovered.
  • When we make our church a home, the end goal is not just to uncover the sinfulness of other people, but as other people’s sins are forgiven that God would continue to reveal our own.
  • I don’t ever want to lose my passion for Jesus based on the pride of my own accomplishments.  Our passion for Jesus will remain, only as long as our shortcomings are revealed.  Our shortcomings lead us to Jesus!
  • If we aren’t comfortable being uncomfortable we may as well turn this place back into a shopping center because that’s all it’s good for.
  • (From Impact talk) If we build a house, but we don’t make it a home it’s POINTLESS.  Like a hospital without sick people.  This is NOT about a building, it’s about building a home where people can find Jesus.

—  Band played “This Is Home” by Switchfoot today to set up the sermon.  Did a GREAT job!

—  LOVE seeing some of the new folks plugging into the band.  Had new Keys, bass and drummer today.  TALENTED people!

—  They did a KILLER opener to the service too.  If you were late, you missed it!

—  Enter is this Tuesday night at 6:30 PM in the worship center.  Childcare is provided.  This is a GREAT time to get together and spend some focused time seeking God through worship and prayer!  Come check it out!

—  PLEASE be praying with us for God’s will to be done with the financing on the building.  If God wants us to move ahead, HE will provide the way.

—  That’s about it.  Element Church, I love you guys!

Till the end,


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