Thank You!

11 04 2012

I’m still trying to take in all that happened this past weekend, and while I’m doing that, I need to say “Thank you!”  Usually each week I write a handwritten note to a volunteer from Element Church, and I did that again this week, but I also need to thank EVERYONE who made this past weekend possible and that would be a LOT of stinkin’ thank you notes. So here goes!

This past weekend, through our FIVE services, we saw FIFTY NINE PEOPLE acknowledge to us they accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and found new LIFE in Him.  IF ONLY FOR THE ONE!  We shattered any previous high attendance, holiday or non-holiday, than we’ve ever seen.

THANK YOU to the BEST volunteer leaders any church could ever ask for.  From the parking lot crew, to first impressions, guest services, ushers, tech team, hospitality, band, volunteer central, e:kidz, safety team and MORE you guys are the heart and soul of Element Church.  If you serve at Element Church, IT MATTERS what you do.  59 people found life in Christ, in part, to your serving them this past weekend.

THANK YOU to the BEST staff team on the planet.  From singing an original song to getting the Living Room and lobby all done/re-done for our guests, to pulling off an illustration using live fish in a fish tank, to loving on and caring for people.  You guys are the BEST!

THANK YOU to each person who chooses to call Element Church home!  Maybe you weren’t on the schedule this past Sunday to serve, maybe you weren’t even able to make it to church because you were out of town.  It doesn’t matter.  If you call Element Church HOME you’re a part of my family and you MATTER to do what we do!

THANK YOU to our God!  WOW!  Just in preparation for this last Sunday I was moved by the sheer ABSURDITY of what Christ did for us!  God became flesh and dwelt AMONG them.  Not only that He DIED for them…and then He rose from the dead!  I’m not sure words or illustrations with fish even come CLOSE to describing what we have in Christ and what He did for us!

Element Church, this last weekend was GREAT.  Right now, it goes down as the BIGGEST weekend in our church’s history.  BUT IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!  I believe the BEST is yet to come!  I believe there are MORE people to reach and BIGGER things to be done!  Let’s do this!

Till the end,


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