Year Of The Comeback Update

5 04 2012

We are two months removed from the end of our sermon series “The Year Of The Comeback”. Finances was one of the major things we focused on for this year and we wanted to give a monthly update to our church that would give some encouragement, tips, tools or insights.  This year’s update is on “saving for the vacation of your dreams”.  This past December, after 4 years of saving as a family, we went on our dream vacation to Disney World.  It was AMAZING!  And we did it all with ZERO DEBT!!! That is even MORE amazing.  Here is a video from me and my family talking about saving for the vacation of your dreams.

Make sure and check out Joe Sangl’s blog HERE for some GREAT financial wisdom.  Also check out the web-site “I was broke now I’m not” HERE, for some GREAT tips, tools and insight on money management.

Part of the comeback,


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