Sunday Ruminations (3-25-12)

26 03 2012

MAN, what a refreshing day for me!  Last Sunday I was out of town with work for the church, but this Sunday I just got to attend with my church family!  I love visiting other churches like I did last weekend, but there is NOTHING like worshiping with your family!  Today is JUST what I needed.  Pastor Andy did a GREAT job preaching today, here are my ruminations.

—  I say this every time I’m not preaching, but I can’t tell you how GREAT it is to know God has given us some GIFTED and QUALIFIED preachers like Pastor Andy to keep charging when I’m away.  Pastor Andy is NOT “pulpit supply” and he doesn’t “fill the pulpit.”  He is a GREAT preacher and did a fantastic job again today!  So proud of how God’s using Him.

—  I hope you as a church know how blessed you are to have a guy like Pastor Andy leading our discipleship & teaching ministry here at Element and getting to hear him preach several times throughout the year.

—  Today we did the LAST Tour at Element Church.  The Tour has been our newcomers luncheon we’ve been doing since Element began.  Over the last 4 1/2 years I’ve probably taught The Tour close to 50 times.  It’s been a GREAT tool to get people connected into the mission and vision of our church, but it’s time has come to an end.  Next week we are rolling out a brand new WEEKLY opportunity for people to get the same information on a much smaller and more intimate level.  Can’t wait to roll that thing out.

—  Next week we are opening a room for guests only called “The Living Room”.  They can stop by there after each service, meet some of the staff, have their questions answered and get the information they need on WHO we are, WHAT we do, HOW we do it and WHY we do it. So instead of waiting a month or more for the next Tour, they can receive all that information as soon as the first time they are our guest.

—  I am SO excited for the new sermon series starting up on Easter Sunday called “This is how we change the world”!  We can’t change THE world but we can change OUR world, and when OUR world changes SO DOES THE WORLD!  We’ll be walking through the values of our church and looking ahead at how God is going to use YOU to change the world!  SO stoked!

—  I texted Pastor Adam from the front row today and thanked Him for his leadership in worship!  WOW, today was powerful.  Seriously Element, I really do hope you know how blessed you are with that team that leads us in the worship of God each week!

—  Pastor Andy continued our sermon series called “Marked” today as we’ve been asking the question “What are the marks of a disciple?”.  The big idea for today was “CONTRIBUTION requires trust!”.  He preached from Matthew 25:14-30.  Here are some excerpts:

  • If we don’t trust in the PERSON of Jesus, we will only contribute to His Kingdom as long as as it is comfortable for us.  (SO good!)
  • We tend to place our trust in the results of Jesus.  His answered prayers, blessings and provisions.  We need to simply trust in WHO He is!
  • The master is the owner, He has EVERY right to give how He pleases.
  • If God has given it.  If He’s PROVIDED it, it must be exactly what I need to accomplish ALL He wants me to do!  (THAT could change someone’s life right there!)
  • Whatever you have IS enough because HE gave it!
  • The problem is not THINGS, it’s TRUSTING in His provision!  (That’ll preach)
  • We cannot order our lives around our wants and desires, we MUST order our lives around the TRUTH of God’s Word.
  • If you’re committed to the PURPOSE of Jesus there will be ACTION in your life.
  • The two servants who were FAITHFUL to please the master, first had to KNOW what pleased the master!

—  As I’ve already said, GREAT job by Pastor Andy!  I was challenged and blessed by the word he spoke!

—  Night of Worship is coming up on Tuesday, April 3rd.  I’d LOVE to see this place PACKED OUT in worshipers of Jesus!  Pastor Adam and his team are putting together a powerful and inspiring night of worship through music.  We want to use this night as a pre-cursor to what God’s going to do on Easter weekend.  Let’s usher in God’s presence through praise that evening.

—  Speaking of Easter weekend.  We are praying for and expecting a FULL HOUSE to hear the message of Jesus!  We’ve added a Saturday evening experience at 6 PM JUST for Easter.  We’d love to see you there Saturday night and possibly come serve on Sunday morning.  We want to keep as many seats open as possible in our 10 am & 11:30 am experiences!

—  That’ll be all for today!  I CAN’T WAIT to be back in the pulpit this Sunday!  We’ll be closing out our MARKED series and then firing up “This is how we change the world” on Easter Sunday!  Make sure you invite someone to Easter weekend!

Till the end,


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