“Jesus Is Proud Of Me”

15 03 2012

We were just ending our daddy daughter date this past Saturday, and those were the words that Jaydah, our 5 year old daughter, spoke to me as we were walking out to the car after stopping at Walmart.  So what was he proud about?  Jaydah had just asked Jesus into her heart.

Jaydah was born on December 23rd of 2006 but she was born AGAIN on March 9th, 2012.  Out of our 4 children, she has been the most spiritually minded, as far as bringing up spiritual things in normal conversation.  I’m not sure WHY that’s the case, but I do know that in the last 5 years Sabrina and I have become MUCH more intentional in that area with our children, understanding that WE are the primary disciplers of them, NOT the church.  In any case, she has been curious.

I told my wife a few days ago “I think Jaydah is getting really close to wanting to ask Jesus into her heart.”  We’ve never pressured our kids toward that decision.  We have instructed them in the Word but let the Holy Spirit guide them into those moments.  Recently Jaydah has been talking a LOT about how Jesus died for us,  how He died to forgive our sins and He forgives our sins when we ask him into our heart.  It’s been fun to watch.

Well, on our daddy daughter date, out of the blue, she brings it up again.  We were sitting at Guadalajara and she said “God protects us from evil.”  I said “You’re right Jaydah, he does.”  “Snakes are evil.” she said.  (LOL, I almost couldn’t contain myself) I just said “Yeah?”.  Then she went on, “Jesus died on the cross for our sins.”  I again asked her how He forgives our sins, and she answered very confidently “We ask Him into our heart.”  I said “Have you ever asked him into your heart?”  “No.” Was her response.  “Do you want to?”  “Yes.”  “When do you want to do that?”  Her answer cracked me up.  “In the car!”

So, sure enough, we got into the car after lunch, I turned around and said, “Do you still want to ask Jesus into your heart?”  She said “Yes”, and right there in the parking lot of Guadalajara, Jaydah asked Jesus into her heart.  I can tell you this…I LOVE seeing people come to know Jesus through Element Church but there is NOTHING like leading your own child to the Lord.

So back to Walmart.  I believe the Spirit was speaking to my daughter’s heart.  We’ve never used this language with our kids.  She said “Jesus is proud of me daddy.”  I said “He is, why?”  “Because I asked Him into my heart.”  I said “ABSOLUTELY, He’s proud of you Jaydah, and so am I!”

I just had to share,



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