It’s Your Move

13 03 2012

When we COME toward the sign, God CALLS to our Spirit!

I think many times in our spiritual life, we’re sitting there waiting on God to move…when all along IT’S OUR MOVE!  Maybe God has prompted our spirit, He’s put someone or something in our path, He’s spoken a word to us through Scripture or a sermon, and we don’t respond.  We think “Why is God not moving on my behalf?” while God’s saying “I’m waiting on YOU to move!”

I LOVE the story of Moses and the exodus of the people of Israel.  Moses had fled to the wilderness after murdering an Egyptian and being called out on it by a fellow Hebrew.  One day, while minding his own business, he led his sheep to Mt. Sinai.  While there, he walks buy a bush that was engulfed in flames but it didn’t burn up.  Obviously this caught his attention and he says “I must go see it.”

Exodus 3:4 then says this:  WHEN the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God CALLED to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses! Moses!”  “Here I am!” Moses replied.

Don’t miss that.  It wasn’t until Moses came TOWARD the sign that God spoke TO his spirit.  I’m not saying God always does this.  We know in salvation that we are POWERLESS to move toward God.  HE made the move to the cross and MAKES the move toward our hearts.  All we can do is RECEIVE the gift He is offering.  But how many times do we walk past a “burning bush” in our lives, and continue to ask God “Why aren’t you calling out to me?”  We’re waiting on God to move, when all along IT’S OUR MOVE!  

So where do you need to move?  What sign has God already placed in your life? When we come toward the sign, God calls to our Spirit!

Looking for signs,


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