1 03 2012

Hey Element Church!  We are in the middle of a season of BOLD PRAYER and fasting right now as a church and I wanted to ask you to join me in one for this Sunday.  The last month I’ve been telling you that THIS Sunday, Lord willing, I’ll be doing my best to present a very CLEAR Gospel presentation.  “What does it mean to BE and how do I BECOME a Christian?”  I’ve been praying that God would give me JUST the right words to say, and that He would bring EXACTLY who needs to be here to hear this message.  This would be a GREAT opportunity to invite that person you’ve been thinking of to come to church.  So here is what I’d like you to pray through this Sunday.

1.  For GOD’S presence to FILL the church.

2.  For people who don’t know Jesus to come AND respond to the message of salvation.

3.  For God to lead me to the RIGHT words to say that will touch as MANY hearts as possible.

I want the message to be SIMPLE!  And as Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church said, “Simple does not mean SIMPLISTIC. Simple does not mean SUPERFICIAL. Simple means it’s CLEAR.”  There is salvation found in NO ONE ELSE!  God has given NO OTHER NAME under Heaven by which men must be saved but JESUS!  (Acts 4:12)

Join me in those prayers if you would!




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