Element Church: DON’T MISS THIS SUNDAY!!

16 02 2012

Hey Element Church!  I told you this past Sunday that THIS Sunday I’ll be sharing with you a BOLD PRAYER that I have as your pastor.  It’s a prayer I need YOU to join me on.  This prayer has to do with our Impact Initiative and facility remodel.  I’ll be giving you a complete update on where we are at with Impact and what our next step is as a church.

As your pastor, I believe this is THE BIGGEST prayer request we’ve ever brought to God as a church!  If you call Element Church home and are going to be in town, PLEASE make it a point to be here for this service.  I believe the BEST is yet to come for Element Church and I CAN’T WAIT to see how God comes through on our behalf.

On top of that, we are continuing our series called MOVEMENT!  I LOVE looking at the marks of God’s very first church and pray that WE are being challenged to join God’s movement and bear those marks as a church as well!  Element Church, I love you guys and hope to see EVERY one of you on Sunday.  Appreciate your prayers as I put final touches on what I’ll be sharing with YOU my FAMILY!

Anticipating HUGE things,


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