Earnest AND Expectant

14 02 2012

It’s easy to pray EARNESTLY the question is, are you praying EXPECTANTLY?

On Sunday at Element Church, we talked about praying BOLD prayers, and how the first church prayed bold prayers.  But in Acts Chapter 12, we actually see the early church fall into a similar trap that we fall into. In Acts 12, Peter was again put in prison for preaching about Jesus.  Acts 12:5 says But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed EARNESTLY for him.

Now it doesn’t say this, but I would imagine the church was praying for his RELEASE!  That just seems to make sense. So what does God do?  Well, one night in prison, Peter is awakened by an angel who actually causes his chains to fall off and he leads him right out of the prison to FREEDOM.  Peter then goes to the home where the believers were gathered for prayer…EARNEST prayer…earnest prayer for HIM…most likely for his RELEASE!

Peter knocks on the door (very polite of him), a servant girl named Rhonda came to open it, when she recognized Peter’s voice she didn’t open the door (not polite) but ran back to the believers and said “Peter is HERE and he’s standing at the door!”.   Look at how the believers responded.  Remember, they were praying EARNESTLY for PETER!

Acts 12:15  “You’re out of your mind!” they said. When she insisted, they decided, “It must be his angel.”

They were praying EARNESTLY but they weren’t praying EXPECTANTLY!  Their response showed they didn’t really BELIEVE God could do what they were asking!

Our prayers should be SO BIG that we don’t believe they can happen, but our GOD is so big we can’t help NOT to!  Bold prayers cause us to pray EARNESTLY, but a BIG GOD causes us to pray EXPECTANTLY!



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