Re-Post: There Is No Playoff

1 01 2012

Through January 1st of 2012 I’d like to “Re:Post” one blog a day from each month of 2011. Maybe it’s a highly viewed blog, a favorite of mine or one that impacted me the most. Enjoy this one from November:

Every Sunday is the CHAMPIONSHIP! I think we should lead that way in the church, and a sports program talking about college football reminded me of it.

I happen to be a college football fanatic.  I’m a DIE HARD Oklahoma Sooner fan.  I’m Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I’ll be Sooner dead.  In fact, as I write this blog I’m looking at a wall which is FILLED with Sooner memorabilia.  But the Sooners don’t have to be playing for me to love college football.  I LOVE Saturday’s when there is nothing else going on…no family obligations, work obligations, housework to do, and I can just sit and watch college football all day.

On Monday I was running on the treadmill, watching Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN and they were talking about college football and the BCS standings.  (If you don’t know, the BCS determines what two teams play in the national championship game)  One of the hosts on the show was talking about my Oklahoma Sooners, who happened to lose their second game this past Saturday, and also talking about Oklahoma St., who lost their FIRST game this past Saturday.  His comment was something like:  “Both those teams are now OUT of the national championship race.  Because there is NO PLAYOFF, every Saturday matters.”

Every Saturday matters.  My brain started to race immediately.  I know I have MANY problems, and one of them is that my leadership and church brain NEVER shuts off.  I walk into a theater, a restaurant, a mall or anything and I’m always drawing church and leadership correlations.  Hence, my treadmill induced, ESPN church moment.

In church, there IS NO PLAYOFF!  EVERY Sunday matters.  As in college football, we have ONE CHANCE…

…ONE CHANCE to PREACH this sermon.  It could be my last.  Am I preaching as if it could be my last sermon ever?

…ONE CHANCE to LOVE on that person that walks through our doors.  It might be THEIR last chance to be loved by someone who loves Jesus.

…ONE CHANCE to SHOW that person that the church is NOT against them because GOD is not against them.

…ONE CHANCE to BE the hands and feet of Jesus to that person who only ever experienced a church that used Jesus to BERATE them.

…ONE CHANCE to MODEL the love of the Father, MAKE His name known and MOVE people toward Him.

One chance, one chance, one chance. THERE IS NO PLAYOFF!  I truly believe, as Bill Hybels said, the local church IS THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!  And if it is…I PRAY we lead out of the belief that THERE IS NO PLAYOFF!



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