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31 12 2011

Through January 1st of 2012 I’d like to “Re:Post” one blog a day from each month of 2011. Maybe it’s a highly viewed blog, a favorite of mine or one that impacted me the most. Enjoy this one from October:

GOD’S answer to your prayer may not be YOUR solution to the problem.

I think sometimes we assume that the only way God “answer’s” our prayer is by providing for us the solution to our problem.  And we typically TELL God what that solution is don’t we?  If there is sickness the ANSWER is healing.  If there is need the ANSWER is money.  If there is strife the ANSWER is restoration.  I mean, if we’re honest, that’s usually how we feel.  We approach God with our request, and then we GIVE Him the solution to our request.  At least that’s how I am.

Now, let me preface that with this:  I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray for healing, or provision, or restoration.  We SHOULD!  I think we should, as the Bible says, approach the throne of grace with CONFIDENCE in Jesus.  We should lay our hands on the sick and pray for their healing.  We should pray for and seek out restoration in our relationships.  We should trust in and ask God to provide for all our needs.  But for myself, I want to be careful that I’m not DEMANDING of God what I think should be HIS answer to my prayer.

Psalm 138:3 says As soon as I pray, you answer me; You encourage me by giving me strength.

Man, when I read that, God just spoke to my spirit.  “MY answer may not be in doing what YOU ask, but in building up your STRENGTH to face whatever you’re against.”  King David says “AS SOON as I pray, God answers me”.  And His answer was in giving him strength.

I believe there is one thing God’s ALWAYS willing to do for His children who seek Him through prayer.  GIVE THEM STRENGTH.  He may not bring healing to that illness, but He WILL give you strength to face it.  He may not bring provision the way YOU see it, but He WILL give you strength to trust Him to provide.  He may not bring restoration in the TIMING that you ask, but He WILL give you strength to face the strife in your life.

May I be able to say, as King David did, “As SOON as I pray, you answer me”, because my answer is in HIM not in what He will GIVE!  GOD’S answer to your prayer, may not be YOUR solution to the problem.

Praying for God’s STRENGTH,


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