Re-Post: Sunday Ruminations (6-5-11)

27 12 2011

Through January 1st of 2012 I’d like to “Re:Post” one blog a day from each month of 2011. Maybe it’s a highly viewed blog, a favorite of mine or one that impacted me the most. Enjoy this one from June.    This was an absolute HIGHLIGHT of my year.  To have my hero, my dad, stand in the pulpit at the church I lead and deliver a LIFE CHANGING MESSAGE for my church family was amazing.  Never thought I’d lead a church like Element and be able to have my dad deliver a message for me.  LOVED it!

Hello Summer attendance, we were expecting you soon.  HOLY EMPTY PEWS Batman!  HA!  It was a down Sunday in attendance today but it was a GREAT day to worship God at Element Church.  God moved and people were changed.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  Had the AMAZING privilege of having my dad bring the message today.  I said it today, meant it (and I think he proved it), that my dad is one of the best preachers on the planet.  He’s been my pastor since the day I was born and wouldn’t want ANYONE else to call “dad” OR “pastor”.

—  My dad NAILED it today!  God spoke powerfully through him and when he gave the response at the end of the service, numbers of people stood responding that they were surrendering some things to God.  LOVED seeing that!

—  My dad preached primarily from Mark 14 today.  The big question was “What do you do when God doesn’t do what you expected?”  POWERFUL word.  Here are some excerpts:

  • My dad shared a very funny but thought provoking story about the time he was on The Price Is Right in 1986.  It was a GREAT set up to what God had to say through His word.
  • We looked at the life of Peter from the Lord’s Supper through his denial.  It was a perfect look at what he did when God didn’t do what he expected.
  • He failed:  Peter’s failure to pray in the garden started a LONG time before that.  Jesus had been warning him for weeks of what was to come.  He failed to listen, he failed to act, he failed to obey.
  • When we hear God, often times it’s not that we don’t WANT to do what He says, we just don’t want to do it RIGHT NOW!  (That’s good!)
  • He fought:  When he saw Jesus wasn’t gonna do anything (at his arrest) he decided to take matters into his own hands.
  • When you try to take matters into your own hands, it NEVER gets better and ONLY gets worse.
  • He faltered:  When we don’t listen to God’s promptings, and take matters into our own hands, it’s not that we stop following Jesus…we just start to follow him at a distance.  (SO good!)  “Meanwhile, Peter followed Him at a distance” (after He was arrested)
  • He fell:  When Peter denied Christ, he did the VERY thing he SWORE he would never do.
  • My dad quoted the great verse “WITH God all things are possible” and then made one of the GREATEST statements of the day.  He said “Listen to me, we also need to know that WITHOUT God, ANYTHING is possible”  (Even doing the very thing we SWORE we’d never do.  MAN that’ll preach. We are capable of doing ANYTHING apart from God, and that is NOT a good thing)
  • He faced:  Without this, Peter’s story would be as tragic as that of Judas.  Yes he eventually fell, but he repented and was restored.
  • The payoff moment in the sermon came at the conclusion as my dad wrapped up his story of being on the Price Is Right and how God used that to cleanse something in his own heart!  POWERFUL!

—  Thanks dad for taking time away from your church to share with ours.  It was an HONOR to have you here!  I love you!

—  Couple things coming up.  Our new series called “Devil: What he doesn’t want you to know about eternity” starts this Sunday.  I am SO EXCITED for this series.  We’re gonna expose the LIES of the enemy and actually look at what the BIBLE has to say.  We are going to come face to face with the reality of our eternity!  Invite someone to come with you!  It is going to be a straight look at the Biblical truth.

—  Baptisms are in 2 weeks.  If you’d like to get baptized, fill out a registration form at the e:connect table.

—  That’s gonna be all today.  EXCITED to get going on this new series.  I’ve been out of the pulpit for two weeks so be ready to RECEIVE THE HEAT!

— Love you all at Element!  Thanks for letting me lead!

Till the end,


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