New Sermon Series: The Masquerade

4 08 2011

This Sunday, we start a new series called “MASQUERADE” at Element Church:

Christianity, especially at church, can sometimes feel just like you’re at a MASQUERADE party.  Everyone puts on their happy face, we’re all great Christians and totally committed to the cause.  That can’t ALWAYS be the case can it?  I often wonder if  any one feels like they can SHOW who they really are, or if we KNOW who they really are in the church.  Starting August 7th at Element Church, we’re gonna take off the masks and be honest about our true self.  Hopefully we will come clean with ourselves, each other, but most importantly with God.  Welcome to the MASQUERADE!

Element Church meets at 600 E. Carlson St. in Cheyenne, WY
Times: 8:30 // 10:00 // 11:30 AM
Children’s programs for kids infant through 5th grade.
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