Sunday Ruminations (3-27-11)

28 03 2011

WHAT A DAY at Element Church today.  Unreal!  The presence of God was powerful and palpable.  God’s Spirit was so evident and my prayer is that hearts were FILLED with His work today!  I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it was a special day today.  Just felt God there in such a tangible way.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  We didn’t do a response today.  No altar call.  No raising hands.  No standing up.  But MAN did it sure seem like God was moving through peoples hearts through the whole service.  I could see on peoples faces God working on their heart.

—  From our time of worship through the last word it just felt like God was moving in a special way.  What we pray for EVERY week is for the presence of God.  Thank you Lord for sending Your Spirit.

—  March was the 2nd highest weekly attendance month in Element history.  Second only to December of 2010, which includes our Christmas Eve celebrations.  LOVE seeing that.  Great momentum heading into the Easter season.  Got some news surrounding Easter Sunday coming up soon!

—  We continued our series called “Modern Family” today.  I asked the question “How do I train my dragons (children)”  (Opened the sermon with a clip from the movie with the same name so had to ask that question).  Our main Scripture was 1 Chronicles 28:9-21.  The sermon should be up online Monday at  Here are some excerpts:

  • Our kids can go through life having played on the right teams, gotten the right grades, gone to the right school, received the right job, bought the right house and retired with the right amount of money, but if we have not set them up with the best opportunity to know and follow Jesus then they have not won and we have not succeeded.
  • While NOTHING can prepare us to have kids, WE are the only ones who can effectively prepare THEM for the world.
  • I truly believe that David was releasing Solomon to be all that GOD created him to be, not all that DAVID desired for him to be.  I think David knew that Solomon wasn’t going to be like him, but He could be more like GOD, and by remembering he was unique, he could equip him with the best path to get there.
  • It sure seems like some parents are okay with their kids being far from the heart of God, as long as they aren’t far from their home.
  • Your kids may not be who you want them to be, they may not do what you want them to do, the question is will you allow them to be ALL that God made them to be…even if that takes them FAR away from you?
  • If we’re going to train our kids to be more like Jesus, we’ve got to rely on a thought out plan.  The question is, what plan will I use to get my kids from where they are to where God wants them to be.
  • The key is not in WHAT you do, it’s in KNOWING what you are going to do.  Make a plan!
  • Realize the power of your words.  (We ended, with what I believe to be, one of the most POWERFUL illustrations we’ve done at Element)
  • Our words will either build our kids up, or tear them down.  When’s the last time you told your kids “I’m proud of you”?  Simply for WHO they are not WHAT they’ve done.  When’s the last time you told your daughter “You’re beautiful”?  When’s the last time you told your son “I believe in you”?

— SUCH a powerful closing to our service.  It sure seemed God was speaking to and moving in peoples hearts.

—  The energy today was awesome.  Both Adam and the North band, and Tori with the South band ROCKED it!  Perfect worship set to prepare the way for God’s Word to be spoken.  Thanks Adam and Tori for leading the way.

—  I preached live at South Campus today, and can I just say that the volunteers at South Campus are AMAZING!  Such a great and committed group to seeing that campus succeed and reach new people in that area of our GREAT city.

—  South Campus peeps, I love you guys!  Volunteers there, I LOVED hanging out with you afterward and sharing some of my heart with ya.  God is NOT done there and GREATER things will be done!  Let’s keep chasing HIM!

—  We got to do a child dedication in 1st service.  I LOVE seeing parents dedicate their child to the Lord and dedicate themselves to raising them in the Word and Way of the Lord.

—  Don’t forget about the THIRD annual Element Egg Drop.  Check out the website HERE.  If you’d like to volunteer, let us know through emailing or calling our office or signing up in your worship guide.  It’s gonna be HUGE!  Can’t wait.

—  Element Church, I LOVE leading you guys.  Thanks for being a part of my family.  You guys ROCK.

Till the end,


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