Sunday Ruminations (3-20-11)

21 03 2011

INCREDIBLE day at Element Church yesterday.  God’s Spirit was evident and powerful.  Lots of stuff to share.  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  18 people indicated they said “YES” to Jesus and received LIFE in Him.  WOO HOO!  If only for the one.

—  Love that no matter WHAT subject you preach on, the GOSPEL is always a part of it.  Here we are doing a sermon on parenting and it ALL points back to Jesus and the Gospel.

—  We put together a tool for people who receive Christ as Savior called “Next Step Packets”.  In them are a New Believers New Testament, a “how to read the Bible” tool, a 21 day devotional through John called “21″,  Baptism information, discipleship & community group information, and a letter from me congratulating them on their decision and giving them some next steps to do.

—  We were excited to offer these for the first time yesterday, and I was THRILLED when I heard that THIRTEEN next step packets were taken!  Praying that those people will take their next step in Jesus, and that we’d help them become more like Jesus.

—  We baptized 9 people yesterday.  It was an AWESOME time of seeing people go public with their faith.

—  If you don’t think baptism means something, you should have seen the emotion of the young man I baptized in 3rd service.  It was moving to see the power of God working ON him and IN him as he sat in the water and declared “JESUS IS MY LORD!”  He came out of the water and gave me the biggest, wettest hug I’ve ever received.  I was soaked but wouldn’t have traded it for anything.  It was a baptism memory I won’t soon forget.  SO cool!

—  Congratulations to everyone who went public yesterday.  In being baptized you were fulfilling a “next step” that we were given in Scripture.  To repent of our sins AND be baptized.

—  Yesterday we had the highest attendance of the year.  Each service at North Campus was pretty full and 3rd service we had to bring out more chairs.  AWESOME!

—  13 first time guests yesterday too.  LOVE seeing new people check out God and the church.  Praying they find a church home where they can take their next step in Jesus!

—  We continued our series called Modern Family yesterday.  I preached from Deuteronomy 6:1-9 & v. 20.  We asked the question, “What is the goal of parenting?”  Here are some excerpts:

  • The goal of parenting is not that our kids be happy…it’s that they be HOLY!
  • The #1 responsibility we have as parents is to disciple our children.
  • It’s only in God’s holiness that your kids will find true joy.
  • I think sometimes we are too quick to commit to making sure our kids are a success, instead of making sure we are committed to seeking God’s success for our kids.
  • Our goal is NOT to raise dependent and successful children.  Our goal is to raise children who are dependent solely upon Jesus; for friends, that is what makes them a TRUE success, REGARDLESS of what they do for a living.
  • I don’t want my kids to be more like me, I want them to be more like Jesus…but who is the first impression of Jesus my kids receive?  ME!  So I need to live my life in a way that leads them to JESUS, not leads them to Jeff.
  • Parents, what you pursue yourself is what you’ll produce in your kids.
  • If you don’t believe that every moment matters you don’t understand the magnitude of your mission as a parent.
  • I could care less if I leave my kids an inheritance, if I don’t also pass on to them a heritage.
  • My kids might choose to reject Him, but I’m gonna live my life in such a way that they can’t deny that I KNEW Him!

—  This message was HUGE for me personally.  The Lord walked me through it a couple months ago.  It’ll be up online later today.

—  Don’t forget the Easter Egg drop is coming up.  Check out for info.  If you’d like to volunteer, you can sign up through your worship guide on Sunday morning.

—  Also, if you are an Elementer, make sure and mark Sunday, May 1st on your calendar as a CAN’T MISS Sunday.  On that day, Lord willing, we will be revealing our full project plans for the North Campus remodel.  We’ll be receiving a special offering to go toward the fulfillment of our pledges to Impact!  I would ask you to just be praying “Lord, what do you want to give through me?”

—  That’s about it!  GREAT things are happening, and they are happening because of a GREAT God!  Thanks Element for letting me lead you.  You guys are AWESOME!

Till the end,


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