What Was The Pharisees Problem? (Part 4)

15 04 2010

HERE is a link to the last post with links to the first two as well.  You can also just scroll down the blog home page to read all four.  Here are my final thoughts on the Pharisees (while I know there could be TONS more), and they come from the  final stages of Jesus’ life.  Again, even at the trial of Jesus, their TRUE motives are revealed, and their TRUE problem is exposed.

In Mark 15 Jesus is arrested and taken before Pilate for a trial.  The crowds had gathered, and the leading Priests and Pharisees were making their case.

Mark 15:10 it says: For he (Pilate) realized by now that the leading Priests had arrested Jesus out of envy.

What were they envious of?  ATTENTION!  From who?  The CROWDS!  Matthew 23:5 Jesus says about the Pharisees that “Everything they do is for show”.  If EVERYTHING they do is for show, and people aren’t paying THEM any attention, they were going to do whatever it took to bring the “show” back to THEM.

We can react the same way in our faith AND in our leadership.  How do we respond to another churches success?  How do I react when someone ELSE gets recognized?  What is my reply when someone tells me how GREAT someone else is, or that person gets MORE attention?  When we have the problem of the Pharisees, we’ll begin to look for ways to cut them down, trip them up, beat them down or drag them away, all in an attempt to bring the SHOW back to me.  It’s a DANGEROUS trap and a VERY real one.

Where does my fear come from?  Where is my motivation?  What is my inspiration?  ANYTIME it starts coming from the CROWD…there’s a problem.

Checking myself,


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