Sunday Ruminations (4-11-10)

11 04 2010

Hey Element Church!  The week after Easter…AND JESUS IS STILL ALIVE!  Don’t we really celebrate that fact EVERY Sunday together?  Too bad our communities don’t attend church every Sunday like it’s Easter.  lol  Had a great day today, here are my Ruminations on the day.

—  I’m usually pretty wiped out after our 3 services on Sunday morning, but on Sunday’s where we have leadership council I am especially wiped out.

— It’s 3:45 PM right now and I just sat down in my recliner to watch the Masters and can say that my brain is OFFICIALLY fried.

—  Had a GREAT meeting with the guys on our Leadership Council.  There are some HUGE decisions coming down the pike at Element Church and I am even further convinced that GREATER things are yet to come for our church.

—  Got to admit though…I’m scared to God a little bit…which is the BEST place to be!

—  Had 227 kids in our kids ministry again today.

—  LOVE seeing all those kids learn about Jesus, and Pastor Derek is simply KILLING it in our e:kidz program.

—  Had a normal Sunday attendance wise, but having those 50 extra chairs in the worship center sure made things feel different today.  To the naked eye it seemed like we were missing a TON of people when in reality we had a VERY solid attendance.

—  Continued our series called “Stripped” today as we’re talking about the Great Commandment and what our faith would look like if it were stripped.  here are some excerpts from the day:

  • Asked the question “Why do I need to love God with my soul?” today and looked at the passage of Scripture from Isaiah 6:1-9
  • I think we can focus so much on the standard that God requires for living, that we can easily lose sight of GOD the One who created it.
  • If we would pursue the ONE who created the standard and the ONE who wrote the Bible, I think we’d end up naturally living according to it.  Why?  Because He won’t deviate FROM it and we’ll find ourselves immersed IN it!
  • I wonder if we haven’t watered down so much WHO God is, WHERE God is and WHAT God does that we can’t truly see how that affects US!
  • When you love God with your soul, you begin to let God out of the box that you LOVE to keep him in.  Then you begin to see things as the really are, and when you see things as they really are you’ll NEVER be the same again.
  • When you see God for who He is, you stop pointing out how bad everyone else is because you realize how bad you are COMPARED to Him, how much you still NEED Him, and where you’d be WITHOUT Him.
  • When I get comfortable with who I am, I can to easily get proud of what I’ve become instead of realizing how far I have to go.
  • Before you go pointing out where someone else is, take a look at where you still need to go, then you might be able to say “Come follow me as I follow Christ.”
  • God is still speaking, the problem is often times we aren’t listening.  And the reason we aren’t listening is because we haven’t seen Him, and we haven’t seen Him, possibly, because we aren’t loving Him with our soul.
  • You can stand there all you want and “Ferris Bueller” your situation to death (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), but God’s not gonna stop asking until you start doing.  And you if don’t start doing you’ll end up not hearing, and if you stop hearing it’s a sure fire sign that you aren’t loving God with your soul anymore.  FOR, when I see God for who He is it opens my eyes to who I am, my ears to who is near, and my life to where it should go.
  • When I see God in my moments He can move me from despair to determination.
  • Sadly, too many Christians are wasting their God ordained opportunities right where they are at, constantly wondering where they are supposed to go, consistently wishing upon where they COULD go, when they already are EXACTLY where they are supposed to be.  Where GOD wants them to be.

—  The band was stinkin’ SHREDDIN’ it on My Glorious today!  It was awesome!  LOVE our worship team.  Thanks for leading us to the throne every week guys.

—  I think that’s going to be all.  Gonna shut er’ down and veg a little bit.

—  Thanks Element for WHO you are!  Love you guys.

Till the end,


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