6 04 2010

Hey Element Church!  I know many of you were in attendance two Sundays ago when we concluded our sermon series called “The Others”.   At the end of the sermon that Sunday, we invited people to come forward who needed prayer for healing (whether physical, emotional or spiritual).  I have been continuing to pray for those who boldly came forward to cry out to God, that God would move on their behalf.  I’m praying that REGARDLESS of the outcome, they would trust in HIM alone and continue to praise Him.  (I know I’m probably not getting medical terms correct so bear with me.  The truth still remains.)

Anyway, I distinctly remember one of the young people I prayed with, because they are a part of my Life Group.  They stepped forward and had a couple issues of healing they needed prayed for.  The biggest one was for a tumor that was discovered in their lymph nodes.  It was large and, as I understand, the doctor said that this kind of tumor was is a possible indicator for lymphoma cancer.  On their next doctors visit a biopsy would probably need to be done if nothing had changed.  They were obviously worried about the possibility of what could be found in their body.  I remember praying specifically: “Lord, the next time they go to the doctor I pray they will find NOTHING wrong with this tumor.”

We didn’t have Life Group last week due to spring break, so last night when this person came in they were beaming.  They said “I have to tell you something.  Remember you prayed over me 2 Sundays ago.  Well, I had another check up and I couldn’t wait to tell you this.  The tumor shrunk to half the size it was before.  The doctor scheduled a follow up visit for me so I asked ‘Don’t you need to do a biopsy?’.  The doctors reply was ‘I don’t think so.  It doesn’t appear to be what we thought it was.  We’ll check again but at this point a biopsy is not necessary.’”

HALLELUJAH!  How cool is that?  I know I probably butchered the medical specifics, but the fact remains THE TUMOR SHRUNK TO HALF ITS SIZE IN LESS THAN A WEEK.  I wanted to share that with you all so you could hear how God is working STILL as a healer in peoples lives.  I’m still praying for a COMPLETE removal of the tumor in this situation, but what a blessing from God!  We TRUST Him and we PRAISE Him REGARDLESS of the outcome.  He’s STILL God and He’s STILL good.  To God be the glory.



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