Sunday Rumination (12-20-09)

20 12 2009

Christmas Sunday of 2009 was AWESOME!  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  Umm, seeing people meet Jesus and receive forgiveness of their sins NEVER gets old.  Over 30 people in our 3 services stood to acknowledge they accepted Christ today.  THEN Pastor Derek informed me that like 20 kids got saved today.  THAT is awesome.

— Pastor Derek and the e:kidz people are doing such a GREAT job.  The curriculum we use for kids runs on an 8 week series.  One lesson every 8 weeks is a very clear evangelistic/salvation message.  That day was today in Elevate.

—  Derek also does a fabulous job following up with each student AND their parents to make sure the child and parent understand the decision was made.

— One couple that received Christ in 2nd service, had their kids receive Christ in Elevate.  Love it!

— THEN I met one of the moms from Adopt-A-Family after 3rd service.  SHE received Christ today.  AMAZING!

—  Another outstanding day on attendance.  People have listened and switched to 1st or 3rd service, which now makes 3rd service our most attended one. 1st service has been higher than ever too.

—  I got a MAJOR surprise in 3rd service when following the sermon bumper video, ANOTHER video fires.  At first I thought the tech team blew it until I realized it was ME on the video from this video HERE.  They played a portion of the video.  It was awesome.  I was totally caught off guard.  Thanks boys!  We all had a good laugh.

—  Gotta give Adam and the band MAJOR props for today.  The band stinkin’ NAILED it.  Did such a great job setting up the word.

—  They did a song by Skillet today called “Hero”.  It is a VERY difficult song and they did a great job.  Set up my message great!

—  Adam’s voice was nearly gone after first service.  He could hardly talk.  I was worried he wouldn’t make it.  God strengthened him through he day.

— Preached on Simeon today and how he waited for the Messiah.  Here are some excerpts:

  • What are the keys to waiting on Christ?
  • We need to make the right preparations.
  • When I look at my life, I can get really focused on what I want to accomplish instead of who I need to be.  If I work hard at becoming the man God wants me to be I will do and accomplish the things he wants me to do.
  • We often work hard at making GREAT preparations for all the wrong things.
  • Too many of us treat the Holy Spirit like we do the treadmill in our house.  We never access Him and then wonder why nothing changes in us.
  • We need to “shake the presence”.  (LOVE seeing people post this phrase on Facebook already.  Gotta listen to the message)
  • Often times we are so consumed with our circumstances that we fail to see Christ in them.
  • Some of us came today hoping Christ would change our circumstances or fix our problem.  We fail to realize that He is FAR more concerned with changing our character than our circumstances.
  • Many of us care too much about our comfort than our character, and so instead of looking for the presence of Christ in our circumstances we look for the pathway to comfort.
  • God could care less about fixing my problems, when COMPARED to just how much He wants to fix me.
  • Don’t miss the gift
  • We talk a lot about Jesus giving His life and not enough about Him giving IT ALL!
  • I can give all I have but I can’t give it ALL.  Jesus literally gave it ALL for He had it ALL to give.
  • “Mary, then pain you feel when your son dies will pale in comparison to the pain you feel when you realize it was your sin that nailed Him there”  A sword will pierce your very soul.  Don’t miss the gift.

—  Tonight is our first service with the chapel out on base.  We have some STELLAR volunteers out there setting up right now.  Chaplain Marley will be bringing the word and we are providing the band, volunteers, sound system, etc.  SO EXCITED to see what God does through this.  Pray for airmen to receive Jesus!

— Just got a text from Pastor Kody that things are looking GREAT out at the base.  The service is at 7 PM so pray for us that things go according to God’s plan!

—  My college roommate was in church today.  His name is Dusty and he is planting a church in Boise, ID called Connections.  I told him today, there are a few people that I’m intimidated to speak in front of, he is one of them.  He is a fantastic communicator.  LOVED having him and his family here in church today. Glad I didn’t blow it.  lol

—  I know there is more but I’m done.  LOVE leading you guys and being a part of your lives.

Till the end,


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