Be The Church Day Update

18 11 2009

Hey Elementers!  I got this email from Pastor Derek today.  It’s an update of some stuff the kids did on Be The Church Day!  Way to go e:kidz and thanks to Pastor Derek for leading the way.

Hey Team,

We got a really nice thank you from the Shull family yesterday.  One of the activities that we did in Ekidz on Be the Church day was to make greeting cards for 8yr old James Shull. James’ parents are Salvation Army captains here in Cheyenne. Pastor Grant visited James in the hospital while he was recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.   We had all the kids who attended the “shoe packing party” customize greeting cards and we sent them individually to James over the course of a week.  About 10 per day for 5 days.  As you can see from the picture he is surrounded by greeting cards.  We prayed for James as a group in three different sessions that day. Just wanted to share the Thank you we got from he and his family.  I will be sharing in our classrooms this Sunday so kids can see that the fruit of their efforts and prayer.

Thought this was pretty cool!

Notice on the card it says God has “fully healed James”.  How cool is that?

Praising God,



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