Sunday Rumination (11-01-09)

1 11 2009

Can’t believe that 3 days ago the town was nearly shutdown from a major snow storm.  Today’s weather is AMAZING!  Beautiful outside.   GREAT day @ Element Church too.  Had a couple of firsts at Element today.  Mixed things up a bit.  (No surprise, I know)  Here are my ruminations on the day.

—  Just got a text from Pastor Derek that one child received Christ today in Elevate.  WOO HOO!  That is awesome.  Pastor Derek is KILLING it in e:kidz.  He has a tremendous team around him and he provides such GREAT leadership to the kids program.

—  If only for the one!

—  GREAT attendance today, also had our highest offering ever @ Element Church.  Don’t normally mention giving on here, just wanted to thank everyone who generously gives to the advancing of God’s Kingdom through their local church.  You guys ROCK!

—  The energy and spirit were amazing.  I seriously serve the greatest people in the world at Element.  I love you guys!

—  First #1:  WE HAD A CHOIR TODAY!  It was awesome.  They sang the old Gospel song “Oh Happy Day”.  You may remember it from Sister Act.  They sang the same arrangement.  Kevin sang some notes that I could only dream of reaching.  Holy cow!  Dude’s got range!

—  A few weeks ago as we were service planning for this week, Adam mentioned trying to do a choir.  I was in immediately.  It was a GREAT touch and super fun way to open the service as we talked about our core value of worship.  Thanks to all those who volunteered to sing.  You guys did amazing!

— Spoke on our core value of worship today.  I love speaking on worship, it’s always challenging to me.  I take worship VERY seriously and feel like the church often needs challenged on it.  Here are some excerpts from today:

— If musical preference dictates my process of worship then I’m not worshiping the master but the method and I’ve made worship all about me.

—  I feel like the church has traded in the worship of God for the worship of worship.

— (By the way, there is NOTHING wrong with preferences.  The problem is when my preference KEEPS me from worshiping or hinders my worship.)

—  Worship is an attitude long before it’s an action.  It’s a process not a place.  A pattern not a preference.  A privilege not a right.  An honor not an obligation.

—  Telling someone you must raise your hands or express your worship a certain way, is just as legalistic as telling someone you must do this, this and this to be a good Christian.

—  I can raise my hands a thousand years and never once worship.  God doesn’t want my hands, he wants my heart.

—  If you are a Christian who intentionally skips the singing part of your church because you don’t like the kind of music they play, you are no different than the family dog who did nothing to prepare for receiving the food, yet sits around the kitchen table thinking he deserves to be fed the leftovers.

—  Worship can be so moving because in the presence of God I realize how much I don’t belong.

—  When we worship in spirit we experience the presence of God.  When we worship in truth, we desire and seek to become more like Him.

—  If worship doesn’t lead you to become more like Christ in EVERY way, you aren’t worshiping your creator but indulging yourself.  Loving how good that song just made you feel.

— The best worship I can give is my obedience.

—  LOVED the significance of doing worship AFTER the message on worship.  We were nervous about flipping the order of service…glad we did it.

—  We took communion today.  LOVED the symbolism that fit the message.  We don’t deserve to be in the presence of God BUT by the blood of Christ we can approach the throne of grace with confidence.

—  Had our monthly leadership council today.  STOKED about where God is taking Element Church.  Love the leadership team God has put around us.

—  Had some great conversations with some first time guests.  Also some great words from people who were challenged by the Word on worship.

—  Alright, I’m gonna chill in my recliner and watch some football.

—  Element Church, YOU GUYS ROCK!

Following Christ,




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