Willing To Wait

27 10 2009

So Pastor Kody and I are in Charlotte, NC for a leadership event @ Elevation Church.  As a part of our flight from Denver to Charlotte we had a brief layover in Washington Dulles airport.  (random note…NOT impressed at all with the airport in our nations capital)  Since we left Denver at 6 AM we were hungry and wanted to grab a bite before catching our connection.  We had about one hour so we weren’t in a huge hurry.  Right near our gate were two restaurants.  Five Guys Burgers and Mayorga Coffee Roasters.  I wanted to go to Five Guys but it was SLAMMED and had a huge line.  We stepped aside to Mayorga which had two employees standing around doing nothing, because no one was in line.  We stepped right up, ordered a vitamin water and a chicken wrap that was displayed in the cooler case.  Paid (overpaid) and was on our way.  As we sat at our gate, and disappointingly (is that a word) tasted the wrap we had just ordered, I thought of this:

There is a reason Five Guys had a line.  (I know, I’m brilliant)  But seriously.  Mayorga was content getting the random leftover business from people who weren’t willing to wait in line at Five Guys.  Here’s the problem:  NO ONE is going to come back to Mayorga.  If they continue to do their business in the way they are doing it, they will not create a loyal and faithful customer base that would be willing to wait in line for their service.

Oh, they’ll stay open.  They’ll pay the bills.  They’ll offer a product.  But it’s not something willing to wait for.  It’s not something people would stand in line for.  It’s not something that people will talk about (positively).  That people will invite their friends to.  Or that most people will come back to.  Five Guys IS!

Made me think about church.  We have the GREATEST STORY EVER KNOWN!  How do we present it?  How do we “serve” it?  Are going to do church in a way that people will just keep the doors open, pay the bills, take the leftovers, remain the same? …or will we do church in a way that people will WAIT IN LINE to attend if they have to?  Invite their friends to it?  Talk about (positively)?  Anticipate it?  Want more of it?

I know we CAN’T make church all about HOW we do it, but I wonder how many churches are just a Mayorga Coffee shop?  Staying open hoping someone isn’t willing to wait in line at Five Guys.

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27 10 2009

work it, J

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