Sunday Rumination: Be The Church Day (9-20-09)

20 09 2009

First off, I”M EXHAUSTED!  No amount of words can describe what happened today.  Adam will hopefully have the full video recap up this week sometime.

The deets:  (details)

— Canceled church (inside the walls) today to go have church (outside the walls).

— Over 200 volunteers (not counting kids) at 6 projects today, hopefully making a LASTING impact to people.

— We paid down the price of gas by .50 cents per gallon for four hours today.

— 5864 gallons of gasoline was pumped over four hours by 80 volunteers today.

— Gas buydown volunteers were OFF THE CHAIN!

— Had lots of great conversations and even was able to pray with one gentlemen while he was in line.  He asked for prayer for he and his wife.  His wife has a brain tumor and will be having surgery on Sept. 28th.  He had brought his vehicle through one time and one shared his story with the volunteers at his pump.  When he pulled off they huddled and prayed together.  Then he came back through and ASKED for prayer.  VERY cool!

—  Doing the buydown on Sunday was really cool.  It was a steady stream of cars ALL day long but never got overwhelming.  The Saturday buydowns in the past have been chaotic.

— If you haven’t heard about our shoe giveaway, you can read about it HERE.

—  The kids (mostly the adult volunteers) organized 2787 pairs of shoes today.  You can check out what that looks like below.


— Had the people who attended church tonight help us assembly line all the boxes to the trailer.



— Almost 1200 pairs of kids shoes.  LOVE that!

—  The General and Terri will be taking all the shoes down to New Mexico tomorrow to deliver to the church we are partnering with.

—  30 – 40 volunteers COMPLETELY remodeled a gentleman’s house that was in DESPERATE need of work.

—  He didn’t have a bed until today.  Got new appliances, furniture, doors, walls, ceiling, roof and one of our volunteers bought him a KICKIN’ new bike.

— Capitol Roofing donated a brand new roof.  It was AWESOME!  The change in him the past few weeks has been amazing.

—  Bunch of volunteers re-did one ladies entire landscaping and gutters.  Others helped another lady repair and paint all her trim on the house, foundation and windows.

—  Still others did some MAJOR landscaping repair and fix up for a couple that REALLY needed some help.  The volunteers and projects were UNBELIEVABLE.  Don’t have time to share even HALF the stories that came out of today.

— We capped off the evening with a celebration service tonight.  Close to 300 Elementers came out to worship God and recap the day.  It was a VERY hectic service for the staff but it was an AMAZING time together.

—  Alright, my brain is fried!  I am absolutely WIPED!

Following Christ,


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23 09 2009

Amazing Great stories!!!!

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