“Because you prayed…”

9 03 2009

I don’t claim to understand this or be an expert on prayer, but this is how I was challenged today.  I’m in Isaiah right now in my Bible journey and I was reading about King Hezekiah and the threats against Jerusalem (Judah) from King Sennacherib of Assyria.  King S was planning on invading and plundering Jerusalem, was sending all sorts of threats via messengers and literally promised the destruction of Jerusalem.  He blasphemed God, intimidated the citizens AND the leadership of Judah.  Hezekiah goes to the Temple and PLEADS to the Lord for deliverance.  God sends Isaiah with this response to Hezekiah

Isaiah 37:21  Then Isaiah son of Amoz sent this message to Hezekiah: “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Because you prayed about King Sennacherib of Assyria…” And he goes on to tell of God’s plan against Sennacherib and FOR Judah.

Now, I don’t believe that JUST because I pray God is going to do what I ask.  However, I want to be SO COMMITTED to prayer that there is EVERY OPPORTUNITY for God to respond with “Because you prayed…”.

— How many weeks in our churches do we just “do” church and not plead with God for His blessing.

— How many times do we make plans just “expecting” God to accommodate us.

— How many times do we just “count” on God to supply our needs (wants) without seeking His direction on how I use what I already have.

— How many decisions are made in life with the “assumption” that it is God’s will.

— How many divine appointments are missed because we are “busy” trying to make OUR plans work.

I’m still trying to figure out prayer.  I don’t understand all the Bible passages on this.  But I want my prayer life and the prayer life of our team to be such that God could say “Because you prayed…”.



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